Child Size Lined Tote Bag How to – Whitney Sews

Hi everyone. I’m Whitney and I post sewing and crafting tutorials here on my YouTube channel today I’m gonna be showing you how to
make a child-size lined tote bag like I made for my nephew
for Christmas now my nephew loves choo choos like crazy and since I had a train printed pillow case I decided I
would use some of that to make him this little tote bag for
Christmas that he could put his train whistle and his conductor hat and other
toys in and I really love how it turned out I
think he really liked it as well and so I’m gonna show you how to make it today. since Hunter is three years old I thought a bag that finished about eight by 10 inches with a
two inch depth would be a good size for him and so with those measurements in mind I sketched out my pattern as I showed in a previous lined tote bag tutorial that I
will link below then I decided how much of the bag front and back I wanted to actually be the train print
because I wanted it to be blocked to where part is the train print and part of it is a dark denim for a different look and I drew that line on my pattern so I
would know where I wanted the division to be atthen cut the fabric pieces as wide as the pattern and the height of the pattern section plus a half inch seam allowance so the denim is a half inch taller than
the bottom portion and the train print is a half inch
taller than the top portion so you should have two strap pieces
from the outer and two from the lining measuring two and a
quarter by 18 inches two linings the exact size of your pattern and two of each outer fabric that will be
sewn together to than equal the pattern size. since the train
print is basic cotton I’ve fused it with a light wight fusible
interfacing but left the rest to the fabrics alone lay one of each outer section right
sides together and sew with a half inch seam allowance. open it up and iron then sew a top stitch. repeat for the other outer and make sure they come out the same size as your pattern. Lay the two outers right sides together and pin where the seams are so they line up then sew along the sides and bottom with a half inch seam allowance repeat with the lining placing right sides together and sewing the sides and bottom now it’s time to box all four corners. I didn’t get this part filmed very well so check out my tote bag playlist below for more info on this step. but basically I bring the corner to a point make sure the scenes are lined up on top
and bottom then mark two inches across then sew right on the marked line then trim the corners down to a half
inch to reduce bulk lay out two of the strap pieces and place
the other two on top right sides together sew along the long
sides with a half inch seam alowance turn the straps right side out iron flat
then sew a top stitch around every side to make them look nice put one bag body in the other right
sides together line up the side seams and pin then insert the straps between the
outer and lining layers I chose to put the denim sides of the straps against the bag outer. once they are centered pin in place repeat with the second strap sew along the top edge leaving a few
inches open between the straps for turning reach into the opening and pull
everything out I have a video link below showing this in real time if you need
more details once turned out stuff the lining back in the bag iron along the top edge including the
opening then topstitch it once or twice to close up
the hole and finished the top edge since this is for a kiddo I wanted to add velco to help his toys and things stay in so I cut about four inches of velcro
and sewed it in the center of each side at the top inside. then the bag is finished the bag turned out the perfect size
for toys or composition books and crayons I really love how the colors and the
print look with the dark denim and I think my nephew liked it to: so I
hope you like this kid sized pieced and lined tote bag tutorial if you want
to see any of my other tote bag tutorial I do you have an entire playlist of them and that is linked down below in the Description box if you give this or any of my other
projects a try make sure to share pics on my Facebook page or on Instagram with the #whitneysews so that I can find them and see what you’re all making. don’t forget to subscribe for more DIYs and I’ll be back soon with more videos