Cheap vs. Expensive Steam Irons for Sewing & Quilting

Hi everybody Jennifer back here with the
Sewing Report and I wanted to take a moment to talk about steam irons one of the most important tools you have in your sewing room and here’s
why you actually spend a lot of time in any form of sewing quilting doing a lot
of ironing because it’s very important to press those seams but do you eally need one
of those nice expensive irons or will a cheapo iron work just fine well here’s my opinion I own two irons one being a sunbeam steam master and then I also own this much more expensive
Panasonic 360 cordless freestyle iron that I got off MassDrop I think the
Sunbeam was under $20 and the Panasonic I think was about $80 and I got a pretty
good deal of it in my opinion on them I think if you have the money and you
would like to invest in a nice iron i think thats great I think you’ll be
happy with your decision but if you only have $20 to spend on an iron I think
that’ll work just fine I’ve noticed with the steam irons it’s about the same the
only benefit I think that the Panasonic ira has it that its core this allows me
a lot more freedom one of irony but quite honestly I’ve actually been going
back to the Sunbeam quite a bit because they feel like they’re pressing like
especially with quilting I do feel a does get a bit harder it’s a bit
heavier so including have been a hot kind of heavy iron it’s actually a good
thing so a light weight iron is just not going to do the trick as well and that’s
how you feel about the Panasonic it just isn’t quite as heavy duty I have seen a
lot of those gravity fed irons on certain online sites and I’m interested
to try those out but that’s the thing out of the two iron by half I think both
of them work about just as well the only difference is that one is cordless and
what is not but that’s a $60 difference if you don’t
have that extra $6o I don’t think it’s a big deal thank you so much for watching
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