Changing Your Sewing Machine Feet :: by Babs Rudlin at Fiery Phoenix

Hi there its Babs here from Fiery Phoenix and this
is a very, very short Top Tip on How to Change the Feet on Your Sewing Machine using the
bar release method. I hope this will help. This is how you switch out a presser foot
without having to undo the screw. Simply use this back lever. So you can raise the foot,
as you press the back lever the foot itself will drop off. So take the standard foot away,
in this case I’m putting on a 1/4 inch measured quilting foot, with a feed. Just line this
up here with the bar holder and drop the presser foot down. Sometimes it will just click over
in which case you are done. If it doesn’t click over simply press the release again
and it will pick up the new foot. So one last time…. You raise the foot, pressing
the release lever, take the foot away that has dropped out. Now I go back to replacing
the standard foot. Align that with the bar holder/bar grip drop it down and you are done. Very Simple. I hope you found this tutorial useful and
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