Cara membuat tas Serut Patchwork – Pola Gratis – Tutorial by MikoCraft

Hello Friends… Assalamu’alaikum.
(peace be upon you) Welcome back to this Channel, MikoCraft This time, we will learn to make…
“The Patchwork Bucket Bag” But before that, support this channel by clicking the “subscribe” button now. In this tutorial, you can use your old jeans by cutting the cube in 37 blocks. But here I’m using two types of fabric with different patterns, to make it more interesting. For outer and inner fabrics, as well as other supporting materials, Prepare it with the size and quantity as listed on the screen. And for all measurements written here,
it includes 1 cm seam allowance. This is the shape of the outer fabric that we will create, but before that,
we will divide it into 5 small parts like this. Our small parts are ready. Next we will sew each of these parts one by one. We begin sewing the 1st and 2nd line Then we continue with the 3rd line Then also sew the 4th line. All parts are sewn, then we can iron our fabric,
so the results are more tidy. After that we will trim the edges of our outer fabric like example on the screen. Cut diagonally by leaving a stitching allowance of 1 cm from the corner of the blue fabric. Cut the other ends, and the results are like this. Now we will unite the sides of the outer fabric with steps like the example on the screen. Sew the two closest sides. The sew the other sides. The temporary results are looking like this. Next we will sew the sides that have not been sewn. Our outer fabric is ready. We will install the magnetic button with the position shown on the screen. Before we sew the inner fabric, we will first measure the length of the top of the outer fabric. If each panel was sewn exactly 1 cm from the seam, then our outer part would be this size. But if the panel is sewn too close to the edge, then the length of the bag will be slightly larger. To properly sew the outer and inner fabric, re-measure the top of the outer fabric, and use the results of these measurements to guide the sewing of the inner fabric. If so, sew the inner fabric according to the lines we have made. Don’t forget to sew the two lower corners of the inner fabric. Our inner fabric is ready. To sew the inner and outer fabric, bring the two together with the good sides facing each other. Lock the position with the clip, then sew with an area that is not sewn by 15cm. Through this non-sewn hole, we will turn the fabric inside out. Tidy up the the ends and close the openings with clips. Now we will top-stitch the top end, This sewing will also close the inversing hole. The result is like this. Before we install the grommets or the eyelet rings, We will use cardboard to help us determining the position of the grommet hole. Make 6 dots with measurements as seen on the screen. These dots are the center of the circles, or grommet holes. After being lined, make a hole with a hole-punch or cutter. This paper can be use repeatedly
and will greatly help us in making grommet holes. Once it’s outlined,
make a hole with a seam ripper or small scissors. Make 12 holes (total) on the front and back of the bag. After that we will install the grommet with the help of the setting tool. The grommet setting tools can be this hammered-style like this Also the kind like this,
a handpress with a suitable die replacement. After all the grommets are installed,
then this step is finished. Before proceeding to the next process,
attach the D ring holders on the top sides of the bag. To make a string,
fold in the fabric three times, then sew it all around. After that, fold in the two ends to avoid the fabric being frayed. For the string’s loop, sew the remaining fabric at one side only. Then open it up and fold in the other sides about 1 cm. Then make a top-stitch all around. After that we fold it until the both ends are clapped in the middle. then sew one line in the middle. The loop is now ready. The patchwork bucket bag is now finished.. This is the final result of our tutorial today. In addition to the regular model like this, You can make modification and combination with leather like this. And this is all of our creation for today Don’t forget to support this channel by clicking Subscribe, Like, and Share this video to your social media. If you have any question about this bag, please write down on the comment section below See you again in the next tutorial. Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh.
(peace be upon you. God’s mercy and blessing)