Canada Goose Expedition Parka Review from Peter Glenn

Hi I’m Laura from and this
is the Canada Goose Expedition Parka for men this is the jacket for staying really, really
warm in extremely cold conditions so Canada Goose um has a testing facility at the south
pole and their clothing and jackets are worn by a lot of researchers at the south pole
also in the very high arctic part of Canada where it’s extremely cold this is what they
wear so if you live anywhere in the United States like Minnesota or Wisconsin where it’s
very, very cold you’re covered this is a down jacket um they use goose down in it so it’s
incredibly warm down is also very breathable so that’s it adds and extra level of comfort
and they use this material on the outside called Arctic Tech it’s specific to Canada
Goose um it’s a blend of natural and synthetics it has kind of a sleek look and feel to
it um but most importantly it is extremely wind resistant so when those cold gusts come
at you they’re not going to go right through the fabric and make you cold this jacket also
has this big coyote fur trim along the top um although it looks very festive it actually
has a very functional purpose um when you pull this hood up over your head and this
fur rough here is right around your face not only does it provide a ton of warmth but it’s
going to protect your face from falling snow so the snow that’s coming at your head is
gonna get in this fur rough here instead of getting all over your face one of the other
unique things about this is that this uh fur actually has a wire in it you can feel the
wire it’s stiff but pliable so basically what you do is you pull it over your head you kind
of form it around your face um and it helps to stay perfectly in place and keep you warm
and protected and every time you wear it you can reform that it’s not permanent so you
know you can adjust it to whatever the day’s weather brings this jacket has a lot of pockets
um which obviously you need um so there are some big cargo pockets here at the front and
down at the waist there’s also a big cargo pocket on the side so you’re gonna get tons
of storage for everything you need and on the inside there’s actually uh the equivalent
of what would be a powder skirt on a ski jacket it comes around your torso here and it fits
closer to the body and what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna prevent cold air from drafting
up inside this jacket runs pretty large I would definitely recommend to size down one
size um our friendly mannequin here usually wears a size medium and he is currently wearing
a size small also um I’ve had this jacket on loads of people in our stores and almost
all men always end up sizing down it has a very accommodating cut um it’s a relaxed fit
anyway so even if you size down you’re still gonna get that loose comfortable freedom of
movement kind of fit this jacket comes down over your waist um on a person who’s about
six feet tall it’s gonna hit you at the top of the thighs um obviously if you’re shorter
or taller you would adjust from there but it provides good coverage even for sitting
down on you know cold wet benches and things like that this jacket is extremely warm extremely
durable and because it is tested in such crazy conditions you know it’s gonna keep you covered
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