Campus Quilt Company Review- Jennifer’s T-Shirt Quilt! (Extended)

My earliest one I have I have two that
were from when I played softball when I was in elementary school, I was a kid, so my very
first elementary school that I went to is also where I worked so I wanted some
shirts that have my elementary school name in it. My first real teaching job was
at Morgan Elementary so I have some of those shirts in there as well, and I had, um the
principal that hired me, after I worked there two years he passed away and we did a
memorial library in his honor so I have that, both parts of that shirt in there as well. That was something that was really special to me. We did mission trips that were local, trips that I included and I have that Disciple Now and a couple other things The mission trips that we did they were, uh, this one was… it was a local mission trip where we went and we helped build a
Habitat for Humanity house and then another year, this year we went and we like, mowed yards who did house repairs and cleaned houses and just did different things for
elderly and people that weren’t mobile in general the people were really
thankful. We had a couple different elderly people that just cried and said
you know they hadn’t had anybody come to their home in months and they were just so happy to have somebody that didn’t even know reach out care enough about them to come help. I really liked this one about “All Made Possible By Teachers” so I wanted to have, you know… teaching’s obviously a huge part of my life so I wanted to that to be in my
quilt. When I lived in Kentucky I also worked in the church nursery as a volunteer for quite a few years and then I moved up to an actual position in the nursery so I wanted to include that. I like having the quilt because a
lot of these were just they were tucked in drawers and hanging in the back corner of my closet so every time I use it, I look at different memories and experiences and just… it’s
just a representation of the my basically my entire life. Well, so a friend of mine when we graduated High School, which was a while ago, 2003 She had somebody that made a quilt for her and I just thought it was a really cool thing, a really cool piece she really loved it. So I knew at that time, it was kinda in the back of my mind, like I’d like to do that eventually, I don’t know if I have enough shirts I want to do it with now, but maybe when I’m out of school. So, um… fast forward to last summer, my closet collapsed So I decided, you know what, it’s time to pull some of those shirts out of the drawer so I can shift some
other things over it’s time to finally make the quilt that I wanted. So I started researching online, and having an individual do it is a really large cost and then I saw another
company where they just kind of throw them next to each other and stick it
on some fleece and I thought, you know, these are really special things to me, I wanna,
I want it to be nicer than that So then I found Campus Quilt and I was I loved that you get the sashing between each I think it looks so much better to have, you know
the shirts not right next to each other and then I really liked that you could get the quilting stitch as well so I laid it all out, and it was just it was really cool to see. I was really pleased by like how they spread the colors out, and I just, I love how it looks, it’s perfect and I plan to have another one made very soon