Burton Restricted Cholo Snowboard Jacket 2011 Review

Hello! Matt Guf here for The House Snowboard
Shop. This is the Burton Cholo jacket. If you’re committed to snowboarding and like
that street-like feel, this is going to be a great jacket for you to have. It has of
course, Tech Flannel that looks and definitely feels like flannel, but it’s super high tech.
This jacket is part of the Team Fit Series. It’s definitely relaxed; it’s the biggest
fit of the Burton line of jackets and pants. Now, the jacket has 5,000 mm of both waterproof
material and breathable material. It’s going to breathe very, very well and it’s going
to repel a little bit of water, but not a lot. So if you like riding the streets are
in somewhat dry conditions this is definitely a great jacket for you to have. The Burton
Cholo is part of the DRYRIDE Durashell 2-Layer technology system. It’s a combination of two
different layers: the top is an abrasion-resistant layer and underneath is the water repellant
and breathable membrane. There are a lot of great features on the outside as well as the
inside of this jacket. One of my favorites is the hood. It’s called a Lifetime hood.
It doesn’t unzip. The only way you can control the fit is to pull the drawstrings on the
front. It actually looks like a regular hood underneath the flannel. Overall, the aesthetic
of this jacket is pretty rad. Of course, there’s a media pocket and the cuff closures are snaps,
and the jacket does have a lot of great pockets as well. There are velcro-closing chest pockets,
and belly pockets with fleece lining with inside elastic cord pulls to tighten the bottom
of the jacket, and very important, a key ring so you don’t lose your keys. The media pocket
on the inside is a nice spot for your iPod and things of that sort, and it features a
place for the headphone wires so they’re not flopping around on the outside. I’ve been
riding around before and caught my headphone wires on my hand, which ripped them off my
melon, it kind of stinks, so that’s a simple, but cool added feature. You’re also going
to find 40 grams of Thermacore insulation and lining. It’s a quilted taffeta lining
that makes it a very well-insulated jacket. I’m from Minnesota where it’s cold as heck,
so this is a great jacket there and here. There’s also the stretch Waist Gaiter with
the jacket-to-pants interface with Burton’s snowboard pants, but if you don’t have the
Burton pants don’t worry about it, all you have to do is snap it around your regular
pants and it will still help to keep the elements out of your jacket and pants. There’s also
a stash pocket in the left side seam for candy or extra money, whatever you want. So, this
is the Cholo jacket from Burton. It’s definitely a cool look. It has that Tech Flannel, a Lifetime
hood, and yeah — I give it a double thumbs up for this guy who bought this jacket. Get