Buffy Breeze Comforter Review

[background music] Sarah: Hey, guys. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Breeze
Comforter from Buffy. By its name, you might already have the sense
that it’s designed to sleep cool. What does it feel like? How cooling can a comforter really be? There’s only one way to find out. [music] Sarah: The Breeze is officially on the mattress. I have to say, they’re not kidding. This feels so cool to the touch. I have to say I’m impressed. I have actually reviewed the Buffy Cloud Comforter,
which is the original Buffy Comforter. Comparatively, this is notably cooler to the
touch. It’s also more breathable. As I was billowing it over the mattress, I
could feel the air flowing through the fabric. I’m getting a good sense that this is going
to help keep you cool, which is definitely a perk for us hot sleepers. Another thing I noticed that I’m impressed
by is, although this is a comforter, it comes with these little loops, which makes it duvet-compatible. If you do want to cover this comforter with
a duvet, you totally can. Another thing that I love is that it comes
with this lavender-infused sleep mask, which smells good, and this precious card that actually
grows if you plant it into the soil, like wildflower sprout. I’m loving it. Let’s find out exactly what this comforter
is made of. This entire comforter from the internal fill
to the outer shell is made from lyocell. What is lyocell? It’s a natural textile made from dissolving
wood pulp, in this case, wood pulp from eucalyptus trees. Eco-friendly sleepers, this might be a particularly
good pick for you because this entire comforter is made from sustainably-sourced plant-based
materials. What does a comforter made from eucalyptus
actually feel like? Eucalyptus is known for its antimicrobial
and anti-inflammatory properties. Basically, that means that this is going to
be naturally resistant to mildew and mold, and help keep those allergens at bay. Also, those nice soothing anti-inflammatory
properties are going to feel uniquely cool, soft, and soothing on your skin. As far as the internal fill goes, it does
feel fluffy. Not super lofty, but super breathable. Like I said, when I’m billowing it, I’m feeling
the airflow through the fabric. I know that’s going to help regulate your
body temperature. As far as the feel, like I said, it’s got
a down alternative-type feel to it. Those of you who like that fluffy, feathery
feel of down, but don’t want to sleep on any animal products, this might be a particularly
good pick for you. Now that we know exactly what this comforter
is made of, let’s find out who’s going to be most compatible with the Buffy Breeze. There’s a lot that I’m loving about this comforter. First of all, like I said, it’s made from
100 percent plant-based natural materials. Folks looking to sleep green, I strongly recommend
you give this comforter a try. Speaking of sleeping green, the eucalyptus
in this comforter is so uniquely silky, cool, and soothing on the skin. Additionally, the comforter itself is very
breathable. If you’re an eco-friendly sleeper, who also
happens to sleep hot, this could very well be the comforter for you. If you do want to cover it, you totally can. Like I said, on the corners, you’ve got these
little loops, which makes it compatible with a duvet cover, should you choose to cover
it. Something that I find to be pretty remarkable
about Buffy is the trial period that this brand offers. You can try this comforter for 30 full days
without spending a single dime. You can literally try it, see how you like
it for free. After your 30-day trial period is up, of course,
then you’ll be charged. If during that time you decide that it’s not
for you, just send it on back, Buffy will handle all the shipping costs. It’s a pretty awesome deal. A few things to consider about the Buffy Breeze
before you make your purchase. First of all, while I love the trial period,
this is not the least expensive down alternative comforter on the market. Ranging from about $170 to $250, this might
just be a little bit more than some folks are looking to spend for a down alternative
comforter, because the thing that’s great about down alternative is it’s so much less
expensive than real down. Again, might just be a little bit out of some
sleepers’ price range. Another thing worth noting about the wash
care is, while technically you can wash this comforter in an industrial-size washing machine,
the folks at Buffy do recommend that you have it dry cleaned in order to preserve its quality. Frankly, not everyone’s going to want to do
that. If you prioritize easy wash care, it’s something
to consider. Lastly, I can’t stress enough that this is
a breathable cooling comforter. It’s going to be great for the summer, not
necessarily designed to keep you warm and cozy in the winter. If you’re looking for something that’s a little
more warming, I definitely suggest you test this first. [background music] Sarah: That’s it from me, but for every last
detail on the Buffy Breeze, be sure to check out my full written review, which is linked
below. If you want to know about the original Buffy
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