BUBBLE Knit Stitch Pattern

The BUBBLE Stitch. Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio
Knit. Today, we are knitting up this pretty, cozy,
BUBBLE Knit Stitch Pattern. It is 3 dimensional, it has a lot of texture
and it is totally addictive to knit up. The pattern is very easy to memorize. You can get the full written pattern on my
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fun one, do me a favor, hit LIKE on this video, it really helps me out. Alright, let’s get started. For our materials, you can use any yarn or
needle size that you like, which is common for most patterns. Here, I’m using worsted weighted yarn, size
7, scissors, and a tapestry needle. And, of course, we begin with our beloved
little slip knot. We are going to cast on in multiples of 4
plus 3. So, you’ll see the pattern over here on the
left, CO is Cast On, and you cast on four stitches. And then you just keep casting on in multiples
of four until you have as many stitches that you would like on your needle. When you’re done, add three extra little stitches
at the end. We’re going to start with Row One, which is
purling all stitches. Now, you’ll see in the pattern rows one, three,
and five are simply purling. We are going to be creating a Stockinette
Stitch in the Beginning before the Bubble magic happens on row six. So, we are purling on the odd rows, and we
are going to be knitting all the way down the row here. On Row 2, as well as row 4. I’m using my Row Counter to keep track of
my stockinette stitch rows and if you’re interested in finding out more I do have a video, I will
link to that down in the description below. And here is our beautiful stockinette stitch. Now, I’m going to change to white yarn. And this serves two purposes. One, if you’re going to change yarn, row 6
and row 12, that’s the time to do it. It also is going to help you see exactly what’s
going on in row 6 here a lot better. You’ll see in the pattern K4B. That means Knit 4 Below. Now, this is a new one. I have a full tutorial linked in the description
below, let’s do it right now. So, on our left needle, we are taking one
stitch off. And then to knit four below it, we’re actually,
those little ladders right there, we’re actually going to be loosening those up and letting
those stitches drop all the way down until we have four yarn ladders totally loose. Okay, does this freak you out? Is this sort of satisfying? Maybe a little bit of both? Once you have those 4 ladders right there
your little stitch, you are going to go right through it with your right needle. So, you’re going to hook back on with your
right needle right there, okay, now we are going to put our right needle through, so,
it’s right below those four ladder yarns, those horizontal yarns right there, we just
put it right through to the back. Now, with our working yarn, the white, we
go around as if to knit, which we are going to do, and we’re going to pull it through
that little blue stitch and we’re going to knit our white yarn all the way through. Okay, we’re going to do this again, so you
don’t have to pause and hit rewind. We are going to do this again. And looking back on row 6, you’ll see that
after you do the K4B, the Knit four below, then you knit three, and repeating between
the asterisks means that we do the knit four below again and you keep knitting this pattern
all the down the row to create your bubble shape until you get to the end. And at the end of row 6 it is simply finishing
with that knit three right there. Okay, I hope you’re not feeling dizzy from
that, we’re going to do it again. Let’s first look at how our BUBBLE stitches
are already shaping up. Ah, it’s so pretty. So easy once you get the hang of it. So, we have our texture already shaping up
and next is just going to be going on our Stockinette stitch again. After row 6, we go down with our purl row
and knits and purls and knits and purls until we are ready to tackle row 12. To have the alternating rows, you’ll see that
it’s knit 1 first, and then we the Knit four below. So we have our four ladders right there, we
get our stitch on the right, we bring it under, take our working yarn around, and that working
yarn is going to knit through that little white loop and we’re ready to keep on going. At the end of Row 12, this is how everything
is shaping up, the bobbles are so pretty, feel free to totally change up your yarn color,
you can do the same, you can do two colors, you can get really really creative, verigated
yarn looks really great on this pattern, as well. And you just repeat rows one through twelve
until you’re ready to bind off. Now, binding off, I recommend doing it after
row one or after row seven, because that purl row that you’re doing after the knit four
below, that’s going to help cinch up your bubbles. and after you do that, that’s a great
time to bind off. And then we are just going to cut our yarn,
weave it through our little swatch right here, and here is how our BUBBLE Stitch looks on
the front, the right side, here is the back, also known as the wrong side. I hope you are inspired to give the BUBBLE
knit stitch pattern a try. And thank you so much for watching. Please make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel
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