Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Unboxing ๐Ÿ“ฆ Using For the 1st Time | SEWING REPORT

what is this we’re gonna find out welcome to the Sewing Report t I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects
I’ve just received a delivery it’s something very special so we are gonna
get this box open I’ll see you in a minute so here we are and I know you’re
probably like geez Jen what did you order now well I have another kind of
sewing machine we’re gonna be unboxing it I’m gonna be explaining why I decided
to purchase this and maybe we’ll give it a test run okay so this is an embroidery
machine something I’ve been wanting for quite a while but hadn’t been able to
really convince myself into doing it but something happened and I was convinced
that this was the time so my husband needed to get some shirts with
embroidered logos on them for work and I was looking online to see what my
options were and I saw a few websites that you could buy embroidered shirts
but it was several hundred dollars for like six shirts like 300 bucks for six
shirts and he goes through shirts pretty regularly so I knew we were gonna be
ordering them again and again and again so we talked about it and we decided to
get an embroidery machine so that I could do them we could use any shirt
that he wanted shirts that he already has so enter the Brother PE 800 I’d seen
the Brother PE 770 for years now and I was like that one looks interesting and
then I saw they had upgraded the models so I decided to spring the extra like
hundred bucks and get the upgraded model alright let’s get this puppy open
oh alright got a very thick construction looking book here comes our the cover
clearly I’m gonna need this to avoid another cat incident 5×7 embroidery area
which i think is awesome it comes with some embroidery bobbin thread and I also
ordered a starter kit comes with stabilizer some
thread some other stuff like needles and that is allegedly coming in the mail
today as well I will link that also below got from Amazon which is where I
do like 90% of my shopping okay alright let’s well lots of stared from here oh
wow ok so this is the embroidery unit ok nice
inspection machine this kind of looks like your standard
sewing machine it’s got like the bobbin winder and everything that’s cool and
they did previously on the Brother SC 400 so hopefully this is kind of similar
all right I’m gonna check in a little bit later once I’ve read the
instructions so that you’re not just watching me here reading because that
would be really boring so I will see you guys in a little bit to deal with my tension trouble I took
the bobbin case out and there’s a little screw on the front tiny and there’s a
little screwdriver I turned my screw about 90 degrees
counterclockwise test out different settings but that seemed to work for me
and then I changed my upper thread tension from a 4.0 to a 2.0 since that first one got a little messed
up we’re gonna try another one let’s do an embroidered J for Jen thanks for coming along with me as I
explore the world of embroidery this is exciting and new if there’s any types of
videos you’d like me to do about the Brother p800
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