Bridget O’Flaherty’s Sew With Me Sunday 1 Thread Painting a Farm Scene

hi there.It’s so with me Sunday. I know
you guys are super excited about this. I’m going to be showing you some of the
work that I’m doing on my long arm sewing machine. I’m working on a
commission right now and I’m going to get at it and show you guys what I do. So that was just starting to do some
fill-in on the fencing on the paddock for this particular piece and
I’m just gonna change threads and I’ll come right back. okay I’m back I’ve put in a new color of thread a little bit darker and I’m gonna show you guys now, adding some detail into that rail fence that I was working on. How’s that looking? That’s good. There. Ok, Let’s see how this goes. Except my thread just broke. So I’ve got a cotton thread in here and sometimes with the
cotton threads you’re gonna get a little bit more breakage if you’re a little
harder on it. I have to still set the tension so that I’m not going to get the
bobbin thread color popping through so it’s a bit of a delicate balance and you
have to sometimes play with your tension of course if my eyes were better and I
wasn’t so freakin old I’d be able to see no problem. okay so, pull up the bobbin
thread so that we’re holding onto it nice and tight so I decided to try and bring the
machine in, the camera in a little tighter to the machine so you can see
the stitching as I’m actually laying it down, let’s see if this works okay so I tried earlier to do a video for you guys where I was doing a zoom in on the detail that I’m doing so you could see
the thread work really well, but I had too small of a view and you couldn’t
actually see anything and I ended up doing a whole bunch of stitching that
you didn’t see. so I’m gonna try again and let you see a little bit more of the
detail that I’m working on but first I’m gonna show you what I have done already
so here’s a little pan in and zoom on the work that I did while I thought
you’re watching but apparently you weren’t. so you can see I filled it in a
lot more of the detail in the shading on the fence rails here and and into the
paddock area here and now I started working in on the barn in itself and and
I’ll show you more of that detail as we go along here. so just to get you a
little bit closer into the detail here I’m going to show you what I’m working
on and and how I fill it in I don’t normally work with this one hand
but because of the video here I would end up having my arm in the way, so I
don’t want that and but I normally do so with two hands so I
opened it up leave the sketching that you can see there and do it
all over fill and then I start adding my other layers, my dark in my light as I go
along and fill in the rest. so I hope you have enjoyed joining me
with so with me Sunday and gonna be trying to do this on a weekly basis
where I get to show you the work the project that I’m working on for that
weekend and you can join me on social media I’m on Instagram and Facebook @ecothreadart and you can go to my website and see
more of my work in my gallery and workshops and thanks for joining me. I’m
Bridget O’Flaherty bye!