All of you are welcome in Meena Boutique, I am Ram swaroop saini First of all, in this skirt, we know about the clothes that are going to be used. This cloth is about 4 meters long. 4 meter lining is used only. Only 4 meters has its Can Can Cane Cane Hard Net Its measurement is length 41 inch and waist is 38 inches First of all, the clothes will be cut Before wearing the cloth, the special attention of the booty was to go up or if there were booths, then take special care of it. Here you will apply a belt of 2 inches, then after the total length plus 1/2 inch extras After getting Nissan it will catch it from there and will tah 3 In this way, the costume is cut in 3 fold, you can also apply it to 4 according to keeping the gher more Cutting whatever extra cloth is here, cut it. Cutting the extra fabric. Here’s my 3-something tah This I have done cutting in standing clothes. Now cutting down the lining line, we would like to tell you before cutting the lining. You can wash it well and put it in water. Then iron it I have already done this work Here I am going to cut it in umbrella safe. In this way you set it in a triangle. Here’s one side of me open. Here my waist is 38 plus two that is 40 inches waist ready so that there is no problem in wearing. Here we will mark 4 parts of 40 Let’s mark 10 inches. You can catch it with the corner and mark it in par Here you will mark the total length of the 2 inch belt inches tape upwards. Here I keep the lining in 1.50 smaller Now, for this gher par bhi par ki, you can tie the inch tapes and mark the same Mark the square and inch tape together in such a way. After the marking, do it by cutting it like this. Video Like and Share Sure Here’s a little bit of joints that can be found. In this way our lining has been cut. Here’s a 3:30 inch wide strip cutting for grip in the bottom It’s my Can Can 4 meter, I’m the only one to apply. From here I’ll do cutting from the middle which will be about 20 inches in length. In this way Ken Kane has also been cut. I’ve got Ken Ken from the middle here and straightened it. This is my lining. There was a small joints here that I have figured in this way. Here I have also folding of lining which I have made in 1 inch You can also place 2 inch strips in it here. Stitch the skirt Keep in mind while stitching your flowers are visible directly. In this way its joints are applied and have to be straightened. After stitching, you put equal marks on this here. Put box plates in it The first mark should be placed in a box plate of up to 10 inches. Here you can put 1.30 inch box plate according to the cloth you can also add bigger and even a little bit The first marks take 10 inch measurements wherever it is coming, after which all the similar plate is dalne Here’s the right mark on my 10th inch. Here it is attached with lining, from the waist. You can also watch our video. You can put a bandage on it with bokram and I can also apply it here. After striping, put stitch on the side of the strip and fold it inwards In this way, the strip is also there. Now let us set the lining exactly like this and mark it for can can Here we will mark the length of the Ken Kean which is 1 inch upwards from the lining. Here I am marking 21 inches 20 inches my can can. In the same way, marking the whole gher Now put the can can on the marking Can can also put box pleat Likewise, Ken Keane has to attach the box plate to the entire gher Put one stitch over here Let’s just put the side here. 4-inch fabric to leave the zip to apply. Here are the chip in a foot stitch. Now put belt belt length is total 40 inches On the belt and on the Lehngge 4 marks are equal. Here I will keep it folded into a 2 inch ready belt You can do this work normal. In this har Video I tell you that only for today The final look shows you by placing the lehnga. I hope if you like this video then please share it if you have not subscribed to our channel so far. Can you follow us on social media? Thanks for watching me with a new video tomorrow.