bordado a punto de cadeneta, tutorial

Hello, my name is María Isabel, welcome to my channel “Hecho entre encinas” Here is a new tutorial Today, I will teach you the chain stitch, it can be used to embroider any type of lines and and also as a filling stitch. More than one rows can be done, so the lines can be thicker. We can use this yarn made up of 6 strands, we use only three, it might get entangled sometimes, it is beautiful, but it gets entangled sometimes Or you may use this one number 8 or 12. I begin, I do not make any knot, because if it is a curtain you are embroidering, you do not want to see the threads on any side. I begin, I pull the thread, I leave this part, I will hide it at the end. I take the thread to the left, and I go down almost at the same place and I guide the needle forward, the first chain is finished I take the thread to the left, I insert the needle here, in the center, almost at the same place I push it forward and I go on, I am going to do a few of these, I keep going on We dan do another line beside this one and it will be wider. In order to hide the thread, it can be introduced here in the middle of the chains underneath, we cut it and it can not be seen anymore And this thread here, if we are embroidering a curtain, it can be taken to the right side and it can be hidden under the chains, so no threads can be seen and no knots either. If we want to use the filled stitch, we have to do the edge first it can be a circle or anything, I go on We have to embroider the edge first and then we fill it , from right to left you make half a circle with the thread like this, so the thread goes underneath the needle. Well, I am not going to finish it, I am going to do the filling stitch We just have to embroider another line, very next to the first one Do not tighten the thread too much, so it does not shrink Patiently,you have to do as many lines as you need till you fill up all the circle.