Bookworm Paradise: Kick Back in China’s Infinite Reading Space

– [Narrator] With unique mirrors creating the illusion of infinite books, this Chinese library and bookstore is every story lover’s dream come true. (smooth electronic music) While this may look like an
ordinary shop from the outside, inside readers are invited to settle in for an otherworldly
storytelling adventure. The black mirrored floor is one of two distinct design elements. The mirrors create the
illusion of a mirage, meant to symbolize water, which has a long-held
significance in Yangzhou culture. In the past, famous authors and
poets gathered by the canals in this Chinese town. Secondly, the arched ceilings
link throughout the library, which represent the connection
between people and books. Zhongshuge cherishes Yangzhou’s history while embracing the future head-on, by creating a space for the next generation
of readers to thrive. The soft lighting and flowing shapes set a mood meant to entice
the literary curious to settle in for a storytelling adventure. (soft dinging)