Bogner Sagar-D Down Ski Jacket Review from Peter Glenn

Hi, I’m Laura from and
this is the Bogner Sagar-D jacket for men and this is new for 2012. This is definitely one of Bogner’s most
unique styles is it and Expedition Everest theme so you can see that has all these
details on it and these are all in the theme of Mount Everest and
exploring. This is also a technical ski jacket
Is 10K waterproof and thats going to be nice and dry you know sorts of different
conditions and it’s also Goose Down insulated so it
has … 600 fill goos down in it that’s incredibly warm even in very cold
temperatures kind fits with that expedition theme in keeping you very very
wamr even when it’s nasty outside This jacket is absolutely packed with
pockets and first of all on the interior there is
a zippered pocket so you have a space to keep things really safe then you have a mesh catch all pocket
on the inside that you can just slip larger odd sized things into on the other side … inside again there
is a cellphone pocketful wioth a little flap with velcro perfectly holds your cell phone or you
could use it for you iPod and then on the outside … there’s
tons so there are two separate pockets here at the chest and these are lines
with a really soft fleece and there are two separate pockets on
the waist here also lined in that soft fleece so you can stick your hands and
when you walking around and get them warm there’s also the four flat pockets on
the front a-flat pocket on the left sleeve then
another zippered pocket on the lower left sleeve. this is a really great place for things that you need quick
access to; maybe a credit card may be chastick something like that uh… really
easy access right there there is a powder skirt in this jacket
and that’s gonna help to keep snow from getting up inside the hood is removable you
can wear it if you want to but you don’t have to and there are ribed neck cuffs on this
jacket so these … they honestly feel like a ribbed neck sweater they’re very soft and fit very closely to your hands here and that helps to keep snow and cold air from
coming up inside The style on this jacket is very unique
and you can tell it’s Bogner right when you look at it but they often do very
detailed embroidery and patches and this jacket is no different is in that
expedition theme like i said earlier So you;re gonna see things like and the Bogner
logo you’re gonna see the latitude longitude of Mt. Everest on the front
here there’s also a very large embroidery of the latitude and longitude on the
back And you gonna see an embroidery on the left sleeve that says Mt.
Everest things like that This is olive green accents
running up and down the zipper here and these are little patches of brown suede
So they used the highest quality materials it’s an absolutely meticulous
construction and you can tell just looking at it that it’s are very high
en piece. As far as sizing goes … this jacket
runs pretty true, some of Bogner’s stuff tends to run a little bit slim because
it’s so athletic but I’d say this jacket is more true definitely take a look at
the sizing chart because that’s gonna be the most accurate way to fit. … This jacket is about 29
inches down the center back so for most men that’s gonna hit about mid-hip It gives you a nice bit of coverage over
the top of your pants on you know… to preven cold air and things like that. uh… obviously that’s gonna change
depending on your height but you should get it good comfortable fit and plenty of coverage to
keep you warm and dry while you’re skiing thanks for watching and check out for all of your favorite Bogner skiwear.