Best travel jacket? The Patagonia Nano Puff review

– Hey it’s Tom from Pack
Hacker where we take a look at the best travel gear for you. Today we’re taking a look
at the Patagonia Nano Puff. Deceptively light jacket
that keeps you super warm for the weight that it is. Let’s get into the review. (electronic music) This thing is ultra light,
coming in at 11.1 ounces, it almost floats, check this out. (angelic singing) It’s lighter than a 12 ounce
can of soda, considerably so. And when you see it next to the soda can you’re probably wondering how
it’s so far compressed up. Well, there’s a zipper inside
the jacket that doubles as a stuffsack. When you’re not using it you can compress it down really small,
stow it away in your bag. In it’s compressed state
it’s going to be six inches by seven point five inches
by three point five inches, making kind of a nicely sized
travel pillow so you can nap. When I put this thing on for
the first time I was like, inside somewhere, threw
it on and I was like, hot immediately. It’s insane. I found that it works comfortably
down to about 35 degrees, and I keep a sweatshirt
with me and another long-sleeve shirt, and
when I put all that on, along with kind of a
wool buff scarf thing, some gloves, got the hood rollin’. It actually works in colder weather. I’m in Minnesota right
now, sometimes it gets down to five, ten degrees. I find that with that
kind of a combination, that kinda layering, it
can keep you warm down to very low temperatures while not having a lot of space in your
pack for warm clothes. So the nice thing about
keeping one of these with you is you’re prepared for multiple climates. Maybe you’re headed to
Bangkok, Thailand and you’re going through Japan to get there. Now, Japan is gonna be a
little bit colder depending on what season you go in, than
Bangkok, but if you have a layover for a couple hours,
you wanna go check it out, this thing is perfect, you
don’t have to buy anything when you get there, you just
take this thing with you and it’ll keep you warm. So, this jacket is super minimal. There are three pockets in it. Two on the side where
you can put your hands in and hang out, chill out, keep ’em warm. You’re also gonna see that
there is a chest pocket which is also doubling as a
stuffsack for the bag to kind of stuff itself into. Patagonia is a really
great brand to buy from, they kind of have a buy
it for life mentality, they do a lot of repairs
on things that are older, doesn’t even matter how
old it is, you send it in, they’ll take a look at it. There is some pilling on my
jacket that I’ve been using for the past year, so I
may send it in to Patagonia to have them repair it soon. A couple other awesome
features is that there is a zipper garage so when the
weather is a little bit colder, the zipper, metal part of the
zipper is gonna be protected and you have like a soft piece
of fabric on your face versus a cold metal zipper. Also there’s a handy dandy carabiner clip, so if you compress this
thing up, if you don’t have any room in your pack and
you kinda just wanna clip it to your bag, that’s also
possible with a carabiner. Alright, there you have it, that’s the Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket. Thanks for takin’ a look,
there’s going to be a link below to purchase and learn
more, and we’ll see you in the next review. Keep ’em warm, blah blah blah. Also makes for a nice pillow. (electronic music)