Best Rotary Cutter? Gingher Rotary Cutter Review

what is the best rotary cutter for
sewing and quilting I’m Jennifer more with the sewing report and I want to help
you discover your love of sewing in this video we’re going to go over why
this one is my favorite and how I save money on cutting blade
refills I started selling about three years ago
and this is the first and only rotary cutter I’ve ever had it’s the gingher 45 millimeter right hand
rotary cutter I got it off of amazon after doing some
research it got great reviews and let me go over some of the features its metal
cast so it’s not made of plastic it’s got an internal blade guard the
blade have to actually retracts completely into the handle it’s got a very nice metal nickel finish
and its really stayed quite nice over the few years I’ve had it and it’s also
air economically designed so it’s weighted so that you can get more
control and comfort while you’re cutting and including you cut lots of strips of
fabric you cut all the time so having this ergonomically designed
handle it has really made a difference I haven’t gotten carpal tunnel syndrome
yet so that’s good and i love this rotary cutter if I had to list a
downside for this rotary cutter it is the price it’s a little more expensive than the
other brands it was about $35 when i bought it but I feel like it’s been well
worth the money in fact i love all my gingher scissors
and other cutting implements I use them all the time and i absolutely
i’m a huge huge fan one really cool feature about the
gingher rotary cutter is that the blade refills are designs that when you’re
replacing them or changing out you don’t actually have to come into
contact with the blades and i’ll show you so this is the refill and then if I want
to change this out all i have to do is we put this down per
second I just have to twist this counterclockwise it comes out and it’s
magnetic so it will say to this little handle and then you just take your
refill packet all right so you would just put this you
would just see this little of metal knob here is places into the little refill
cartridge and then pull this out so now both your blades
are in this little container you slide this little plastic part over and then
this is your this is your new blade here so then you take your you take your
handle peace and pop this in here and then your new blade is magnetically
attached to the handle and then all you have to do now is put this back into
place and then turn this clockwise in to lock it so it’s easy and i love all the
safety features that you don’t accidentally cut yourself so i will say
the rotary cutting blades if you just get them at retail price there about ten
dollars little under ten dollars but you can often get them on sale right now on
amazon there about nine dollars but an overstock though usually about seven and
then sometimes Jo-Ann’s will have them fifty percent off so we’ll be about six
dollars on Jo-Ann’s so that’s a way that you can get your rotary cutting blades
and a little bit of a discount and kind of a funny story i bought three rotary
cutting blade refills on overstock and by mistake they actually sent me 18 and then what I call to let them know
about it they said I could keep them so you never know maybe something like that
will happen to you and in a previous video I did
demonstrate how to use this and how to cut fabric so definitely check out that
video if you’re if you haven’t learned how to cut fabric yet and if you like this video please
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for watching I’m Jennifer more yeah