Best Comforters 2018 – Which Is Right For You?

Marten: Hey guys, Marten here from Mattress
Clarity. If you’re looking for a comforter, it can
actually be difficult because really they look quite similar. A lot of them look exactly the same. You’ll see the ones I’m looking at today,
on the surface, look very, very similar, but you’ve got to look more closely if you want
to pick the right comforter for you. I’m going to go through the certain criteria
you should look for when you’re looking for a comforter. I’m going to give my four top picks for comforters
as well. Let’s get started. [music] Marten: Before we get started, if you need
a personal recommendation or you have a specific question for me, leave a comment below. Also, if you’re looking for a mattress, accessories,
or pillows, definitely hit that subscribe button. A certain criteria you definitely want to
think about when you’re looking for a comforter, first, is it down or down alternative? Definitely, some pros and cons to each. First, with down, the pros, less weight for
more warmth. Also, more breathable, you are going to have
some more airflow throughout your comforter. Off of that as well, some more natural loft,
they feel fluffier. However, it is more expensive in general and
you might have some problems with the allergies as well. Moving to down alternative, some of the pros. First, machine washable. You can actually wash most of these at home. Second, hypoallergenic. For most of these, you’re going to have polyester
filling which is going to allow for less dust mites and allergens to be trapped in the comforter. Off of that, it’s also going to be a cheaper
option. However, you might have more of a clammy experience
with these comforters because there’s less airflow. Also, you’re going to need more weight of
that filling to reach the same warmth you get on a down comforter. There are some other things you should consider
when you’re looking for a comforter. First, is this going to be a seasonal comforter
in terms of a warmer comfort of the winter, a cooler comfort of the summer, or more of
an all-season comforter to use all year? Also, is it going to be sewn-through or baffle
box construction? Is it going to be a square there with the
sewn-through or more of a cube, which allows for more loft at the baffle box? Finally, if you’re using a down alternative
comforter, especially, how durable is this? Is it something you can wash over and over
again or is it something that’s going to fray over time? That being said, let’s dive into my top picks
for comforters. I will note, there are in no particular order. First, we have the Linenspa Down Alternative
Comforter. This is going to be my best value pick on
this list. It’s definitely the most affordable under
$30. It’s really good for a down alternative comforter. What I like about this is it has a really
soft outer shell but also has eight tabs. You can actually link up and decide the duvet
cover to make sure it doesn’t shift around too much. Really, really awesome feature on this comforter. It’s going to be actually a lighter weight
or a medium weight comforter there. It should be good for year-round use. It’s also going to be a hypoallergenic comforter. With down alternative, you’re going to have
less chance of having problems with allergies. Definitely, a really affordable pick. Something that could work for a lot of different
types of sleepers. Moving on, if you’re a hot sleeper, I think
you’re really going to like the Natural Comfort Down Alternative Comforter. This is really, really nice because it’s going
to be a lighter weight down alternative. It’s only 29 ounces of filling, which is going
to be pretty light for a down alternative comforter. Also, because of that, you’re going to have
less of a clammy feeling. When I was lying under this for a whole night,
actually with the heat pumping on me, I felt some air flowing there because you’d have
less filling in there. If you are a hot sleeper, this could be a
good match for you. Also, it’s going to have duvet tabs as well
if you do want to put it in a duvet cover. I’ve used the term duvet a couple of times. You’re going to see that pop up a lot when
you’re looking for a comforter. Some companies actually use the word comforter
and duvet interchangeably. If you want to know more about the actual
difference between these two, google Mattress Clarity comforter versus duvet. I’ve mentioned some down alternative comforters
in the other categories. I want to talk about my favorite down alternative
comforter overall. It’s going to be the Superior Down Alternative
Comforter. What’s really nice about this is you get a
down comforter experience with none of the drawbacks. You have a cheaper price here, with a baffle
box construction which you don’t find a lot on a down alternative. It’s going to allow for some more loft with
the filling there. It’s also going to be a heavier comforter
overall, so you’re going to have some more fluff in there as well. Also, it’s hypoallergenic, less watery eyes
and stuffy nose while you sleep. That about does it for my down alternative
picks. I want to talk now of my favorite down comforter. That’s the Egyptian Bedding Siberian Goose
Down Comforter. What’s nice about this is for a lower price,
in a lower 100 range, you’re going get a really quality comforter. It would probably be the price of 200 to 300. On the outside, you are going to have Egyptian
cotton. It’s going to be a 600 thread count, really
nice soft feel to it. You also have a baffle box design again. It’s going to have more of a cube there. You are going to have more room for loft. Also, 750 fill power. It’s going to be a high fill power base, that
means really higher loft of this comforter. Honestly, lying under it, it’s a very cloud
like experience, definitely poofy, cloudy and really, really fluffy. You’re going to have some breathability there
as well because it’s a down comforter. You’re going to have that warmth, but also
you’re not going to feel clammy and overheating while you sleep. That about does it for my list for my favorite
down and down alternative comforters. Again, if you have any specific question,
want a personal recommendation, leave a comment below. If you’re looking for a great mattress, pillows,
or accessories to go with your comforter, definitely hit that subscribe button. [silence]