Belstaff Brooklands ‘Mojave’ Wax Jacket from Holden Vintage & Classic

– Hi, and welcome to
Holden Vintage & Classic’s great range of Belstaff products. We’ve used our expertise
to select exactly the right product for motorcyclists
and classic car owners. These are always in stock, so here comes another great Belstaff product. – [Host] So here we have the
Brooklands from Belstaff. This is a very, very
popular three-season jacket. Blues on style, a little bit tapered. Features signature British
Millerain eight ounce wax cotton, woven in Lancashire for Belstaff, backed up by a waterproof and
breathable Miporex membrane. It has the traditional
Belstaff buckle collar, lined with corduroy, as are the cuffs. Two press studs for
adjustability on the cuffs. And it also has the
rubberized bottom studs, so that you don’t
scratch your petrol tank, if you’re on that sort of
set-up, a big type bike. It also has the buckle cover, if you can show that just there, Simon. The buckle is under the Velcro, and that’s there also to protect
your precious paint work. If you can just turn and show
us the back view of that, please, Simon, just keep going ’round. Keep going ’round. It’s quilted on the shoulders and elbows for extra reinforcement, and it features D30 level one armour in
the shoulders and elbows. There is an optional pocket in the back for a optional D30 back protector. The D30 is the finest
armour on the market. It’s very soft and pliable in normal use, but as soon as you hit it
under impact or abrasion, it goes solid. A single, one-way zip on the Brooklands, and one the left side there,
just by Simon’s left hand, we have a waterproof zip pocket, which is there for any
documents, passports, that sort of thing. You’ll see the black
quilting on the inside, that’s actually a removable 150
gramme Valtherm body warmer. Although it’s very thin, the Valtherm has incredible U-Values, incredible protective
qualities to keep you warm. Underneath the Valtherm, the
removable Valtherm inner, we have the traditional cotton,
tartan lining of Belstaff, and that also includes the
pocket for the back protector. The Brooklands is available in black, or as Simon is wearing, the mahogany. The Belstaff Brooklands,
although originally conceived as a motorcycle jacket,
would be a perfect compliment to anybody driving a Morgan
sports car, or three-wheeler. – So head over to, or give us a call on 01885 488 488, and get your Belstaff now.