Beginner Cross stitch tutorial (CC) How to start with a kit

Hello, Welcome to my craft room. My name is Tina. And this is simply in stitches. I mainly do knitting and cross stitch on my channel. If your new welcome. The reason I’m doing these videos is because I have cross stitchers and I have knitters that watch my videos. For my cross stitchers I made some knitting tutorials. Which have gone down really well and I’m so pleased and happy that they have helped people. And so I have been promising my knitters I would teach them to cross stitch. It has been over a year and I’ve still not done it. So I thought right now is the time. People keep leaving comments on my videos saying oh I wish I could cross stitch I don’t know how to do it I don’t know how to get started. So this video is for complet beginners If you are a cross stitcher this is not for you. Because we are going to go right from basics. The idea is , I’ve got a kit we are going to be working from a kit You can just buy this, It’s all in one thing We can go through it step by step this is going to be a series of videos on a playlist So you can work through it and I will do the whole kit and talk you through every single element of it. I will hold your hand After this you will be able to go on and you will have all of that knowledge behind you The kit I am I am using, this is not sponsored I just thought this was a good price for a starter kit. It’s from Hobby craft in the UK. Sorry about the glare They have different designs and cost about 6 pounds which I think is really good because inside you get the hoop the floss the fabric and the needle so all you are going to need apart from this is scissors to complete the kit you don’t need to buy this one there are many other kits available I would say get one with a hoop so you have everything in there so you can follow along because it will be basically the same. But if you are a complete beginner I would say that because we will be working from this chart and I will be talking about this one. It would be helpful if you did use this one but you don’t have to. If your chart is different and you are confused then leave a comment under the videoand I will get back to you and I will help you out with that I’m going to open this kit up and we will see what is inside. Inside the kit It gives you some instructions how to do some stitches the basic cross stitch and back stitch and french knots we will be covering all of those as we get to them we have the hoop I shall show you at the end of the video to use this hoop if you want as your frame or you can use this hoop again or you can use it to frame and hang your piece it can be a complete project in one go that is how they have do it on there if you wanted to put it in a frame you can put it in a frame but I think it’s quite nice to have in the hoop. then you have all your threads there and on there they have all the different symbols that will go with the design you can see the design there you have the symbols and that tells you which colour to use this is just going through the kit don’t think I’m going to fast we are going to go through slowly together where I will have the camera on the piece you will see step by step what to do then we have the aida as you see there are holes that you use in there you also have your needle to use now if you think, I don’t like the fabric this aida so I don’t like cross stitch please don’t think that there are many different sorts of fabric. I’m not going to talk about those in these videos we are going to concentrate on this kit. I don’t want to over complicate it at this stage. this is one type of fabric this fabric is a very basic one this is not to say all aida is like that some aidas are nicer but this stiffness is not what cross stitch is all about there are evenweave and linen which is very soft and drappy and much nicer to the feel. so please do not be put off thinking I don’t like the fabric so I don’t like cross stitch no, it just means you don’t like this fabric. there will be fabric you will like so please bear with it while you are learning the basics. what you can do if you don’t like the stiffness of this you can crunch it up and you can also so it will go softer if you crunch it you can also soak it in water and that will get some of the starch out and make it softer at this point try it stiffer you may find as a beginner it makes it easier for you as it stays torter in your hoop. so that is the fabric we will be using. so with the fabric you may see you have pieces coming off it frays around the edges some people like to use tape , some people sew around I like to do a zig zag stitch around the edge or by hand it’s up to you how you want to or you can take a chance and see how it goes it may not fray to much it all depends on the fabric If we have a larger piece , always do the edges I’m going to start off as it is but I may if it starts to fray go around a zig zag stitch . you could use tape if you want to just to seal the edge or just a blanket stitch just to go around the edge to stop that fraying. so that is the introduction to the kit what I’m going to do is end the video now. so we can start a fresh video starting the piece. So if you haven’t got your kit you can go and get it. you will be all ready for the next section. where we will put in the first stitches. I will see you again soon. Thanks for watching