BEE STITCH Knit Stitch Pattern

Hi Guys and welcome to STUDIO KNIT. I’m Kristen and today we are making this BEE STITCH Pattern. This is a Brioche knit, which means it’s light, fluffy, has some great dimension. The BEE STITCH requires that we cast on an ODD number of stitches. There are four rows in total. And this first row is simply knitting the
knit stitch all the way across the row until you get to the end. Now here on row two, we first do one knit stitch, and then it’s the K1B, that means Knit One Below. I have an entire video that is dedicated to learning the Knit One Below stitch. I have a link in
the description below. So, if you’re not familiar with this stitch, please go check it out.
And here I will slow it down on the Knit One Below. We put it in the Stitch Below and knit
through. Awesome. Then we knit one. And we keep doing that pattern all the way across row two. Knit one below and knit one. Now on row three, exactly like we did on row one, we are going to be just knitting all the way across the row. Now on row four, we first
knit two stitches. And then it’s time for the Knit One Below. And we continue on doing Knit One and Knit One Below. Until we get to these last two stitches. Those last two
stitches are simply knit and knit. So we just continue these four rows until your piece
is the length you require. And if this video is helpful in learning the BEE STITCH, please hit LIKE! Big Studio Knit thank you to my subscriber KittyGamingTunes for requesting that I do a tutorial on the BEE STITCH. Please check out my entire knitting lesson playlist to learn more knitting skills. And when you subscribe, you will receive a new knitting
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