Because of my BLOOD • Pateh Needlework • Kerman • IRAN

You are red because of my blood. My name is
Faly and we are here to present the most beautiful handicraft of Kerman, which is Pateh. My mother-in-law
used to collect lots of pattern work from ages ago. So this is like a family artistic
place. Making a pateh almost five ladies are involved. The first one has to make the fabric.
After that we ask someone to make us some patterns. This one we call it the maternal
pattern because it has got a little child inside of it. Some of them are the parrots.
Some of them are the canaries. The next step is someone who highlights the whole patterns
by embroidering. This is just simple embroidery so the needle work is not that special. It’s
just to highlight what is really going to happen. The next step its simple embroidery.
So this is the next one. It is usually used for flowers, blossoms and some of the leaves.
The next challenge is pateh douvez, this kind of 3D embroidery. It takes a long, long time
and it is very difficult. Since it is difficult and complicated it makes pateh very precious.
Pateh used to be in red now-a-days we have just changed the color but those old women
used to say that you, Pateh, are red because of my blood. You just came to Kerman and you
visited that this is something like the desert area. We really cannot make the gardens ourselves
outside the houses so there is no garden there are no flowers. By bringing colors inside
the houses we’re making the Persian paradise, gardens and colorful stuff that – we have
never had around out houses – inside the house.