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can it cut we’re putting a new rotary
cutter to the test welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore helping you discover your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects
and yes there is a new rotary cutter on the scene this is from Dollar Quilting
Club and it’s from well-known company Mundial they make lots of scissors
cutting implements and chef’s knives so they reached out and asked if I wanted
to try their product to see if it would match up against my much-loved Gingher
rotary cutter which you know I’ve had for like four years
so they sent over a box of goodies and we’re gonna give it a go I’ve got to
make some quilt binding for my prehistoric plaid quilts I thought this
would be the perfect test I’ve got some Kona solids here and we are going to try
to make finding I’m going to use both rotary cutters and see which one I
prefer dollar quilting Club is a new type of subscription service which is
refreshing because I’ve seen so many subscription boxes I think they’re
changing it up a bit they realize quilters need rotary blades and you
don’t really want to drive to the store I’m a big online shopper so I thought
this might be a good fit for me and you could a starter kit at first it comes
with this rotary cutter and it comes with a blade and an ocean and it’s
sixteen dollars and they’re doing it every three months so four times a year
sixteen dollars and that includes us shipping which I thought was a big deal
and I specifically asked them I said does this mean shipping is included I
think it’s great and this is a very low priced box so every three months you
would after you get the starter kit you get two 45 millimeter blades and you get
a notion so it could be a pair of scissors could be some snips lots of
other goodies they’ve got for quilters so check out the website I will link
everything below but let’s get started with the test and I’m making two and a
half inch binding I use this for my Center accent block in the quilt so I
thought it would be great to do with the binding in this color so I want to get
this all lined up we’re gonna start off with the rotary cutter I’m used to which
is the ganger and I’m not sure if this is a new blade or not this is a new ish
blade will say that newish blade sorry cut pretty easily okay so now I’m gonna
flip it over and we’re gonna do our two-and-a-half inch strips you can do
two and a half inch or two in a quarter I’m gonna do two and a half inch strips
because I’m going to be machine binding this and I need as much leeway as I can
we are gonna use the dollar quilting Club rotary cutter for this one and I’m
putting a little bit of pressure on it but not a ton and this is adaptable for
a left or right-handed people you can put the blade on either side which is a
nice feature I like that this locks I think it’s comfortable to use it’s
easy alright here is the strip I mean I really don’t have to put that much
pressure on it I’ll do another strip with my dinger I do like how light this
is with the ganger I do feel like I need to
put a little more pressure on yeah this actually didn’t cut all the way okay
yeah I definitely did go over this although my blade probably is not super
fresh here okay let’s talk price the ganger rotary
cutter is currently going for about forty to forty five dollars on amazon
u.s. dollars the dollar quilting club sixteen bucks shipping included you get
this rotary cutter you get an extra blade and you get a notion I actually
like both I’m gonna probably be using this one over the next couple weeks and
see how it measures up also let’s talk about the blade refills because the
blade refills for the ganger I looked them up on Amazon and they’re currently
sixteen dollars each this is sixteen dollars for two plus an
ocean shipping included so the rotary cutter blade refills are
definitely less expensive and the overall cost is significantly less for
dollar quilting Club which again I think it’s great that they’re going for the
value additive rather than super high-end I think there’s a market for
everybody there’s a rotary cutter for everybody and I think it’s great that
you have so many different options if you do join dollar quilting club you
also get 25% off anything in the online store and they’ve got some really cute
goodies I do really like the branding the purple in the teal I think it’s
really fun and a really cool aesthetic and I so far I have to say I’m a fan if
you’re new to quilting you may be wondering why do I even need a rotary
cutter can I just use a pair of scissors you definitely could but one of the
things about quilting that I’ve learned is it’s about precision and accuracy and
the more accurate your cuts are the more precision you’re piecing is the better
your blocks and the overall quilt will turn out so no matter how straight I try
to cut a line with a pair of scissors it’s just not going to be as accurate as
my rotary cutter a ruler and a cutting mat so if you’re new to the scene I
would definitely recommend you pick up some of these supplies as your budget
allows definitely get a self-healing cutting mat a nice roller I love
creative grids and a good rotary cutter that feels comfortable on your hand so
this rotary cutter has a safety on it so you push this button and now the blade
pops out and if you push it again now you can before I shot this video I did
have a pretty extensive conversation with someone who’s representing the
company in the marketing department and I asked a lot of questions I definitely
wanted to know about the shipping and I really feel like this company is very
receptive to customer feedback so we’ve had some pretty in-depth conversations
there is a possibility I may be partnering up with Dollar quilting Club
in the future to create some content for their website I don’t want to jinx it
but I did want to let you know because you know my policy about working with
companies and brands I really want to make sure that it has value to you the
viewer and that I am completely honest and I now have eight two and a half inch
binding strips ready to make this binding and try to finish this quilt up
so yes this has been a demo of the dollar quilting club 45 millimeter
rotary cutter I would definitely give this a solid a
there are certainly things I do like about the Gingher but especially when you
consider the price and how inexpensive this is I don’t think you’re gonna find
a better value for the money and for the convenience Plus this is really cute
anyways I hope you enjoyed this first impressions like it’s review and demo if
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