Basic Stitching For Kids

Hi there! My name is Sahar Wahbeh
And I’m the founder and designer behind Dumye dolls Before we can get started on making our DIY doll kits We have to get a few basic stitches under our belt I’m gonna show you how to start a stitch, how to finish a stitch,
how to thread your needle, And the best stitches to use to make all the bits and bobs for your doll, from her hair to her shoes. Are you ready to do this? Let’s do it! So before we begin we have to make sure
we have all the supplies we need I’m using some felt swatches. But you can also use whatever fabric you have laying around You need some thread, needles and a pair of scissors. That’s it. The first thing we wanna learn is how to thread
our needle So we’re gonna grab our thread
You got to find the end.. Where are you? Where are you? Come here.. I know you’re in there.. There we go.. There it is! So you don’t want your thread to be too long Because it’s gonna be way too much work when you go to sew So you want it to be about the length of your forearm That’s a little trick I learned You’ll then cut it and then thread the needle Now what most people tend to do is that they take their thread and then the
eye of their needle And they start trying to stab into the eye
of the needle Which is harder
So I’m gonna show you a better way to do it Which is to hold the thread between your thumb
and your pointer finger So its squished right in there,
And I can only see an itty bitty of that poking out So what we want to do is we want to actually take our needle
And slide the eye hole over the thread And you see that? Its like magic! It comes right through
Its so much easier I promise you. Try it! So you pull it through
And then you’re gonna take the long end of your thread And you’re just gonna make a little knot on the end So that way when you start pulling through the thread, It doesn’t come all the way out Now that you’ve threaded your needle
Put me on pause go practice it a few times And come back so we can get to the stitching Alright, so the first stitch I want to show you is the Straight Stitch Its an easy stitch You’re gonna start from coming underneath
your fabric coming up and then stabbing back down
a little ways away And check it out! You did your first stitch! And then you’re gonna come back up a little bit away And you wanna try and keep those stitches and spaces even That keeps your stitching clean and snug And this stitch is great for the seams of your doll’s clothing
on your DIY doll kit Its also great for making a gathered skirt
or to do the waist on the shorts Make sure you watch our skirt video
because there, I show you a cheat to do this quickly You’re almost done, look at that! You’ve learned your first stitch! This next stitch that I want to show you is called the Back Stitch Its very similar to the straight stitch So you’re just gonna start by pulling your needle
up through the back of your fabric And then you’re gonna stab back down
just like you do in the straight stitch And then you’re gonna come back up, but instead of going forward You’re gonna go back! And you’re gonna put your needle into the hole of your previous stitch. Did you see that? That’s why its called the back stitch. Now the beauty of this stitch is its super tight so if you need a really strong seam, you wanna do this But where you’re really gonna use this with your DIY doll kit is when you’re attaching the hair to your doll’s head because the fluffy yummy wool has lots of fibers and we wanna catch as many as possible and this back stitch is what makes it happen so you wanna make sure when you’re doing your back stitch that you don’t leave any space between those stitches and you want to make sure that your stitches are as even as possible if you make your stitches too big when you are actually making the clothes for
your DIY doll kit Its gonna look a little flumpy so you wanna make sure that your stitches aren’t too big
and that they are even and no spaces in between And there is your back stitch! Alright, now we’re gonna do the Blanket Stitch and the blanket stitch is my favorite stitch because we use it so much on our Dumye dolls It’s a great way to attach two pieces of fabric, especially felt You’re gonna pull your needle from the back
up and just create that first stitch that goes
over the edge of the fabric Do you see that? Its going over the edge of the fabric
and that’s how all the stitches will be you come up from the back
and then when you pull your needle through.. You’re gonna see the loop. Don’t pull it too quick! Ahh! There you go.. You’re gonna stick your needle through the hoop and it’s gonna create this lovely little detail
on the edge of your fabric You’re gonna use this stitch to make the shoes
on your DIY doll kit You’re gonna use it to make the purse in your DIY Doll Kit You can use it as a decorative hem for your doll’s dress or it’s skirt. It’s super duper pretty. And you just keep going. It goes stitch, and then through the loop, and pull. As always, you want to make sure that your stitches aren’t too big, and that they’re even. Almost there… aaaand.. Voila! You have learned, the Blanket Stitch! Okay So we’ve learned how to thread our needle, how to do the straight stitch, how to do a back stitch, and even the blanket stitch. And all of that is awesome. But if you don’t lock your stitch, then you’re gonna lose your stitch! It will all come unraveled! So I’m going to show you how to lock your stitch Once you get your last stitch done, you’re gonna flip over your fabric and you’re gonna take your needle, and you’re gonna pull it through the very last stitch that you’ve done just gonna go through.. And then you’re gonna wrap your needle through the hoop twice to create a knot. So you’re gonna pull it through that hoop once… and then twice… and then pull! And that creates a know. So all your hard work and beautifulness doesn’t come undone. Nice and snug. So now you’ve got your basic stitching done, You’re gonna dive into that DIY Doll Kit, and start making all those bits. We’ve got a video for each part of the process. So go ahead and, dig in!