[Basic] How to Sew Flat-Felled Seam

hi guys welcome back to my sewing
channel this time I’m going to show you steps on sewing flat-felled seam. This type
of seam is usually found on denim jeans or denim jacket and also on many men’s
shirt too. Here are steps on sewing a flat-felled seam. First, prepare the
pattern pieces you want to join with flat felled seam Then pin. I am pinning with the right side facing me. It’s all up to you whether you want to pin the
right or wrong side facing you then after that sew. I am sewing 1,5
cm from the edge and using a red thread so it will be easier for you to
see the stitches here is how it looks after the first
sewing. After that, run your finger to open up the seam then pick one side
either right or the left and cut the width half.
If you’re sewing side seam of a bodice I usually choose to cut the back piece so
later on the front piece will cover the back. then after cut leave the other
side and fold the wider covering the shorter one fold again so that no raw edges are seen you may iron or pin the fold to help make
it stay Next, sew the fold. This time around 0.1
cm from the fold line okay I will change my camera angle so
you can see it clearly sew it 0.1 centimeter from the fold
line. Don’t forget to do a back stitch on the beginning and ending of the seam. so here is the result of the flat felled
seam you are free to do the fold on the right or wrong side is all up to you That’s the end of this tutorial video.
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