Basic Crocheting with Simple Stitches For Beginners

Today I’m going to crochet My Secret
Santa a gift and I’m gonna make it with this Doll face here it’s one of my
favorites when I don’t hand paint and I’m crocheting chain stitch and I’m
using this here type of polyester thread and I’m going to be stopping and
crocheting and shortly where I’m at so you can follow along thank you now it’s
good to make a chain stitch where you can glue it down around the neck as
you’re crocheting gonna start with that and I’m gonna make it a circle where I
can make the back of her head as well okay okay so as I’ve moved on down to
the next level I’ll start doing a a chain with a double loop and that’s good
this here right doing it in slow motion so you can actually see what I’m doing
I’m gonna loop it around like this here and I’m gonna actually go through like
this take up first to bring it through it and pull it through like that and I’m
gonna build this here outfit on that type of stitch all the way through you
know taking it like this here and slip it into two two chains stitches and
bring it through like this here okay really simple and if you practice this
here you’ll pick up speed as you go but right now I’m trying to do it slow and
it seemed like to me slow not best for me
okay now I have I’m building it like this here see it’s building and as I go
I can see it basically how I’m going taking glue around here but I’m gonna be
building this here and this is gonna be the simple stitch that I’m gonna be
using throughout this outfit okay okay now I’m still adding a to 1 to 1
stitches and I’m making it wider for a reason and you’ll see as I go
I will hold surprises but you’ll see why I’m doing it this kind of directions to 2, 1, 2 which makes it wider
I need that width to widen up some more okay and it’s really really simple I’ll
put the instructions on the site as well okay I’m still continuing and it’s
getting kind of curly just a little bit but I like it like that
and I usually never use a pattern I usually crochet you know just bright
feel just fill in for something nice and planted by ear and it usually come out
pretty nice for me so let’s begin the curl and I’m fine with that so let’s see
what happens and I’m still doing two one two all around now as you can see it’s
two one two stitch and I go and that’s making the curl just a tool
in there one there and two in there okay so let me continue okay now I’ve came I came down about
eight rolls and it’s really two stitch then one then two and I got this nice
curly curly pattern going right here okay now I’m going to take it and we
take some stitches out cuz I already done it already but I want you to see
what I’m doing so back to where I was at doing using
two threads for us the stiffness of the material I’m gonna drop one thread and
when I drop one thread I’m just gonna have I’m not gonna connect it or nothing
like that – you know – underneath the stitch I’m gonna have it I’m gonna have
it just crocheting one thread going under and I’m gonna bring it in the next
hole right here grab it bring it in the first two and bring it in a second two
what I’m doing is adding the length and I wanted to be thin so see and and I’m
only gonna put one in each hole just one chain stitch okay okay and you see it’s one two I’m gonna do it just that fine and thin
all the way around and I’m gonna come down about 10 inches doing it finer and
not adding any other stitch into the hole but step one stitch in each hole
just one stitch see one stitch will be in each hole and I’m gonna bring the
left down about 10 inches so I’ll crochet that and I’ll be right back now
as I’m coming down using my one stitch me my one yarn and you see how I’m
making the stitches I came to this point and I decided you know it’s even cuz you
know I was doing one two okay now I want to have to did one row of just
individual stitches with one yarn I want to take it up I want to take it and make
a loop stitch and I’m shaping what I’m making so I want to go into two and I
want to loop this like this here and pull all three and this is for my next
stitch after I did eight rows then one row of single stitches what’s single
yarn so now I’m gonna go all the way around I’m gonna go two stitches and
then I’m gonna take up two stitches I’m making a pattern now this is the kinda stuff take it slow
take it through here hold on show you what I’m doing is filming from the top of my camera so let’s take it back through here I’m gonna take it
through here and I’m not gonna go back in these two stitches I’m gonna go in
this stitch here that was the next open single stitch I’m gonna pull it through
like this so I have all these stitches on them there and I’m gonna take it
through cuz I’m taking up say now I’m gonna do two single stitches bring this
thread through here and I’m hoping I’m making this uhm easily understood but feel
free to inbox me if I’m not now I’m gonna go another one and after I’m do
this one pulling it through I’m gonna take up the next stitch these two here
I’m gonna go under here and then I’m gonna take them up and I’m gonna do this
for completely just one round one round and let’s see how it comes out okay okay
now I have developed a nice cup okay nice cup like this here it’s just like
this here okay that’s the way your inside should look and I’m gonna keep
keep round keep continuously going around and I’m just gonna put one stitch
in each hole see my next hole is right here and I’m gonna go in there like this
and just do a stitch like this I don’t want to string if you get to
just go back and take it out and make sure you just have one loop loop under
and go like this here and pull it through and I’m just gonna do one stitch just
like that in each hold just a single little stitch with one strand one
strand of yarn okay and I’m gonna do that around one
time so I went on and I brought the length down for the body okay and I made
it wide eyed skirt like type and I went on and I glued a little piece of hair in
there curly hair and I crocheted this hair back like this and a tighter stitch I
showed you how to do that earlier it little chain stitch stitch
did I do so we’re gonna connect these two
then finish her up okay I think she’s coming out really nice so let’s see
what’s I’m gonna surprise my secret Santa with something I really like to
make for people okay okay I have a some poly filled polyester
packing the fiberfill this idea for doll making and this is the best kind to get
because this is here type of fiber it doesn’t lose a shape you know it stays
in shape for a very long time I’m gonna stuff this in the back of her head and give
it a shape okay make it a nice shape when I finish so let’s see how it comes
out and I do like to use a little bit of crazy glue
just to dab around the sides and stick this here down really tight on both
sides you know hold it forever and a little
bit on the hair press the sides down it’ll never go anywhere okay let’s
finish and see how she comes out now I actually finished her and she’s a
cover for extra roll of toilet paper see and she sit on the back of the
toilet tank top this was a quick gift that I made today and I really enjoyed making
her quick and simple