Background Fabric for YouTube Videos

this is going to talk about the fabric so if any of you are starting to get in to making crochet videos or any video as far as that goes i just purchase fabric from walmart so i’ve been trying different colors i have a blue one on another table and i just alternate them i purchased quite a bit more here i’m gonna try out some different colors and see how they work this one was only $2.81 cents you can get it from the reduced bargain lot thats a really good deal i think this one $4.47 cents just for a little background and dark color this one was $1.31 one thing about the darker colors, and you can see it with this one they do show lint that one of the problems i’ve had in the past the dark color i had in the past did carry a lot of lint on them and the yarn fibers i don’t know if i will like that so well but maybe i will wash it up and see what happens now this stuff is silky smooth i do like this i wanted to some different color that didn’t clash with the yarn this one is really nice if feel like leather maybe? or fake leather let me take this off i’m gonna take them off anyway eventually i thought that would be a nice color for a background it doesn’t look like its holding on to the fibers like some of those other one i kinda like that one now sometimes i think this pink one here um ohhhhh a little blemish on it so from time to time it might have a little blemish but thats alright let me see if i can find it it might be on the other side i don’t see it right now one of them i had, had a blemish on it i probably should iron them but i don’t i think it works good just like that and then i got this one this one was a little more expensive this was the most expensive one i got out of all of them this one is like s stretchy t-shirt type fabric i could use that if i needed to cover up the wall if i need a backdrop or something this will work good for a backdrop as well i got another blue one, and this one was a little more expensive as well