Back to School 2017 Lookbook

Hello hello hello my friends. Kaitlyn here, and it is time for a back to school look book. (lively digital music) So my favorite time for fashion has always been fall, or like, the back to school time. I’m not sure if this is
just internalized marketing or if it’s excitement for, you know, getting back to school and seeing friends and reinventing myself. But even now when I’m
not in school anymore, I still get excited for
back to school fashion. So I thought I’d make a little look book inspired by the things I think
are super cute this fall. So here we go. (lively jazzy music) So embroidery is super hot this year, which is great, because I love it. And for outfit number one, I love how it’s used to spice
up a classic olive jacket. This is pretty much my
go-to outfit in the fall. Some rolled up jeans, my fringe ankle booties, which honestly I may have
to replace this pair soon, because I feel like the
heels are just getting so worn, that I’m afraid
they’re gonna break off. And then I decided to check out one of the new styles
that’s happening this fall, which is mesh. There’s mesh everywhere. I didn’t think I would like it at first, because a lot of the
things you see online, it’s just like people
wearing bras in mesh. But, really, you can wear a nice tank underneath it, and I
absolutely fell in love with this butterfly tee, because it’s so light and airy and cute. And I throw on one of my
favorite pairs of readers, because they are super cute and trendy. For outfit number two, we’re still in the embroidery trend, with an embroidered button down. Now because embroidery
is trendy right now, I’ve seen people go a
little bit crazy with it putting it in places that just don’t even make sense. But spicing up a boring
button down, I think, is the perfect place for embroidery. I paired it with a light
sweater for some fall layering and I love the lace detail. Now here, I’m wearing it with shorts for more of a weekend look, because it’s still hot in Virginia. But you can pair it with skinny jeans or a jean skirt, or
really anything you want. Plus I throw on some more ankle booties, because I love my ankle booties. And my favorite fall accessory, which is a felt hat in burgundy. For outfit number three, I went for comfy and casual, because everyone needs a t-shirt dress. Well I guess only women need them or at least people who wear dresses, If you’re a man who wears dresses, then you need a t-shirt dress. For floral ones like this, I like wearing them on their own or with a vest. And for solid colors, I like pairing it with a print kimono. Then you jut gotta throw
on a pair of tennis shoes in a matching color, and you are set for a great day. Also there’s no hurt
in having some metallic cat-eye sunglasses to shield
yourself from the paparazzi, because you’re looking so cool. And finally for outfit number four, I decided to combine some of
the 90s throw back styles, like flannel and character tees chokers and tiny backpacks
that are in style right now. So I love love love my
purple cat tiny backpack. I was not a tiny backpack
person during the 90s, but I found that they’re
actually really good for me as an adult. Because they’re perfect
for errands and day trips. Now I realized when I was
going through my closet, I don’t actually have a lot of 90s stuff, like I’m not a choker person. But I do have a nice Little Mermaid shirt. So I paired that with a floral skirt and some Keds-style shoes, for a cute and simple outfit. Basically I just felt super
cute and fun in this outfit. Whoa, so there you have it, there is my back to school look book. I really loved all these outfits, and honestly I had way
more than four outfit ideas for this, but I was like,
I need to tone it down, and just do four. I didn’t want to end up giving you like a 20 minute long fashion video. That’s no. So what do you guys think? Which of the four outfits
was your favorite? Tell me down in the comments. Plus remember that you can check me out on some other social media sites. Instagram is of course my favorite. Come hang out with me and my cat and my coloring projects. I hope this video made you smile and gave you some back to
school fashion inspiration and I will see you guys on Thursday. Bye. (blows kiss) (laughs) (upbeat electronic music)