Baby Lock Soprano Sewing Machine – Three reasons I love it

Hi guys, it’s Cassie from Faodail Creation, and I’m going to show you three of the main reasons I love my Baby Lock Soprano These three buttons right here are going to save you so much time To give you a highlight this button here is a pivot key This button here is an automatic reinforcement stitch and this button here is an automatic thread cutting key So let’s see all three of these keys in action so first of all let’s press this button to turn it on And you will notice a blue light come on, which means it’s activated, so we’re going to raise our presser foot We’re going to put our piece of fabric underneath We’re going to drop the presser foot for the first time and put our needle down We’re going to take some stitches forward and what’s going to happen is Every time you release your foot pedal your accelerator The presser foot is automatically going to come up for you. You don’t have to lift anything at the back. It’s literally going to Automatically raise so I’m going to press the presser foot down do a few stitches and Now I’m going to release it and I’m not going to use my hands, and it’s going to raise So now you’ll be able to pivot Continue Stop it’s going to raise again. You’re going to be able to pivot Then you’ve got to continue And stop, it’s going to raise automatically you can pivot and go again This is going to save you some time guys. I love this feature My next demonstration for you is going to be the automatic reinforcement stitch i’m going to turn this on So now we have two blue lights so what the automatic reverse Reinforcement stitch is going to do for you. It’s going to Automatically do your reverse stitch so you’re not going to have to remember to press the button to go in reverse This key is going to do all for you, so we’re going to press their presser foot down for the first time We’re going to put the needle in the down position It’s now going to take three steps forward, and then it’s going to do three steps back, and then it’s going to start your stitches One two three back three and then It goes forward Have a look at the last awesome feature on this machine is the automatic thread cutter So all three lights are on now So like we did before drop your presser foot down for the best time put your needle in the down position So we’ve got a reinforcement stitch on so it’s going to do that first Now with the automatic thread cutter what’s going to happen is the moment you hit the reverse button It’s going to do the three locks to shut it off and now it’s automatically going to cut for you So every time you do a reverse stitch it’s going to take them Reinforcement stitches back three times and then go forward again, and then automatically cut off How cool are these features on the Baby Lock Soprano machine I can’t rate it high enough it has many other features But these three features are just so time-saving Thank you so much for watching this video, and if you found it useful, please give me a thumbs up And hit the subscribe button if you want to watch more on the Baby Lock Soprano. Thank you. Bye