baby frock design cutting and stitching in hindi

in this video i tell you, how to make baby frock i have took this cloth for make baby frock this cloth length 22 inch and width 41 inch And for the design I have taken this cloth First we will cut the skirt First we fold the fabric Such The length of the frock will be 16 inches For this, first we have to take a skirt measurement. such as this length is 11 inches And we have to make a skirt length of 9 inches 2 inches will be folded inside And its breadth we will take 22 inches such And this side also we will mark 22 inch Then we will cut it After this we will also cut it This is the front and the back piece of skirt After that we will add buds to it such as this is cloth By its length such And will remove extra clothes such By keeping the skirt equal, we will do its cutting After this we will make his bud Fold it Fold it again These 4 buds will be made such After this, fold and cut it middle after cutting now mark it such as so such now mark opposite side also such as Now we will cut it You can cut the bottom end according to your size as wide as you need to such Cutting also from here these became 4 bud Now we will make 2 buds needs 6 buds for this skirt Likewise we will cut 2 more buds fold it now keep it bud over cloth such now cut it here such It became 6 bud Like we had cutting skirt We will make three pieces out of one piece Its length is 22 inches We have to add bud in it to three places. For this we will mark 3 place on 5-5 inches such Now we will separate the three pieces such Now we will put buds in between In both parts we will add 3-3 buds in the same way like this we will make 4 parts of the back piece Now we will be cutting the frock body Like we have to prepare the width of the frock body 11 inches This is a single clothes, we will fold it The length of the frock body is to prepare 8 inches For that we will mark 9 inches One inch sewing will come in also Here we mark 9 inches Now add them to each other Now separate it We have to prepare 11 inches of frock body width We have taken 11½ inches And its length is to prepare 8 inches We have taken this length 9 inches. One inch sewing will come in Then fold it and mark the shoulder such We put shoulder mark on 4 inches And mark the curve up to 4.5 inches such Then we’ll shape it in roundness After this we will be cutting it We will mark the width of the throat 2 inches We will mark the depth of the throat in 2 inches shape it in a little circle this is front part Will cutting it This is the back part of the frok In this we will mark the throat width of 2 inches And in depth one and a half inches such shape it in a little circle now cut it We will cut the back piece in 2 parts And now cut from here frock body cutting have been completed Now we will make sleeves This is a printed fabric for the sleeve, we will fold it we will keep sleeves opan The length of sleeve we will keep 4 inches such Now we will cut it We will Pouring chunat in the sleeve You can make as heavy sleeves as you like Like we will take lengths of 17 inches In this we will Pouring chunat We will fold it to And the bottom part will make a little circle such Now we will separate this After that we will cutting sleeve in it By doing this by folding it And keep this sleeve over it will cutting the sleeve smaller than that sleeve This sleeve we will make half an inch smaller we Will cutting its equal such This is a little small Like we cut the first sleeve, we will cut it like this. fold its too And make a little round circle in it such Will cut it We will separate this also now i tell you stitching method First we will prepare the frock body First we add shoulders such we have added shoulders after this Put a bandage in it for hook We’ll take half an inch more of this now cut it Now we make 2 strips out of it One half inches wide and one less We’ll set the small strip here Keep half an inch over from here then apply stitch here Then Fold it inside such Now have to stitch here Now we will put stripe in second piece apply Stitching in this way As we have set the stripe on both pieces Keep these straps up and down and then stitch over it and remove extra cloth too the strip have been set. now we will apply piping on neck for this took a cloth’s piece Cut the stripe to piping in this way The width of the stripe is one and a half inches Now we will set to neck this such To set stripe this way such such Both of them have to stitch together. such Stitching time has to pull a little to strip Now we will make piping like this now we’ll do stitch here It became piping Now we will make a design in it fold this cloth like this And must be marked in between such Then it is fold this way and mark it here We have put this mark on 2 inches If the frock is large then you can put this mark on 3 or 4 inches Now we will mark it here From this mark to that mark we will shape in round. such On the other side too, we will give the same shape such this is piping stripe, its width is one and a half inches We will apply this as we will Cutting stripe. such Putting the strip over the clothes. such And apply stitch over it stripe pull a little do stitch time. such We put this stripe fold this stripe such as Now put stitch over it And apply sewing on the edge. such Now put sewing on the other side This is the mark which was marked in front of the cut Here it was a little less Marked on 1.25 inch We will put the second stripe. like this We put these both strips Now we will make sleeves this is sleeve In this we will put piping for piping this is cloth Piping we will cut 1 inch wide such In these sleeves we will apply piping We will apply stripe such Stripping time has to stripe pull a bit We put this stripe Now we will make piping We will make its fine piping apply Sewing on edge We will put similar piping on the all sleeve We put piping on four pieces Now we will measure it The top slice we will make 1 inch smaller such We’ll cut it half an inch both piece such cut it here half inch Now we will sew all four pieces for chunat like this we will stitch in all four pieces We put stitched in four pieces Now we will make chunat Hold a thread and pull it like this Likewise, we will make the chunat in all the pieces We will make equal chunat its such We will make more chun to the top pieces such Now we will sew it on So that it is not big and small such Put such a stitch We will make both sleeves like this We made both sleeves Now we will set it in the frock body Keep the frock body straight And keep the sleeve upside down For stitching side, we will keep half an inch cloth outside of it So that the sleeve will not come in sewing The other side will do the same Now will put stitch over it And the second sleeve is to be added by such as We added both sleeves After it we will make skirt We did cut 4-4 pieces Now we will add buds to it now will put Stitch up from top to bottom Like we added a bud Now add this pieces to it After this we will add bud By adding all three buds to these all pieces, we will make the front part such After that we will add a bud such After that we will add a piece again After that we will add the third bud such After that we will add the fourth piece such With the three buds joined, the front part of the skirt got ready The second part too is to prepare us like this We made both parts of skirt Now we will add chunat over it fold it 1 inch fold 1 inch opposite side such Will do the same here too keep chunat between the bud such This will equal the frock body such This will equal the frock body such now will stitch here and we will make second part also like it We made ready both pieces Now we will connect this to frock body Keep the skirt straight And keep the frock body upside down And now we’ll stitch it in And we will add second piece like this also We added both pieces Now we will put side stitch in it. Frock do upside down We will start stitching from here now will do stitch it Both sides will do the same We put stitch the both side Now we will fold it from down We will cut the big and small bud equal such Now we will fold it from down By turning from the bottom we will sew all the around It became a design frock for one a half year old baby Now we will put buttons in it Subscribe to our channel for each of our new videos. thanks for watching