baby frock cutting and stitching-how to cut n stitch

hello friends today we are makingg baby frock we will take measurement from this frock foldcloth in half or by middle, measureing blouse/body waist we cur skirt n body separate measuring bodylength. body or blouse length measuring cutting cloth by middle or in half this is skirt piece ,giving slit orknotch in center or middle of cloth (in both front n back of skirt rectangle 2 pieces cloth) so we can knowcenter, same like skirt separate body in to twopiecesor separate front n back pieces by cutting in middleor half, then we cut shoulders n armhole balanced cloth front n back cloth must be equal, measuring from dress baby body chest waist n length cut from meaured shoulder waist n go down cutting armhole cutting neckhole of front and back cutting sleeves cutting skirt by middle, this is skirt pieces front n back make center knotch for stitching, balancing front n back markshoulder width n start cutting armhole cutting neckhole of front nback cutting sleeves cuted both sleeves n make center knotch , cutting obliqueorslant linefromneckholetoarmhole halfinch, half inch up on neckhole side n down half inch on armhole attach orjoin both shouldrs offront and back together,sew on wrong side or inner side offabricshoulders, we sew shouldrs together,see. join rectangleskirt fromend oredges 1 inch tobody or blouse fromboth edges or ends on front and back, do same. sew 1 inch fromends or sides of body joining to rectangle skirt piece on front n back, in center extra cloth of rectangle skirt we will make ruffle make gather skirt or ruffle with needle thread or with sewing machine in middleextra kirt fabric ijoined or sewendsof body to skirt, on front n back, make gathers or ruffles to balance skirt with body or blouse, sewthen making ruffle by moving needle thru fabric in zigzag way then pullthe thread asmuch as so we can balance extra fabric with body. i made ruffles n pulled thread to pullfabric together n pinned cloth to body n sew . u can make rufflesin center only or all arround or on all skirt, i made ruffle on whole skirt, do same on back side see friends i sewskirt with blouseorbody same on backside ,,start making rufflefrom1inch attachef fabric. make ruffle tillend of other 1inch, pulling thread, pined n sew see front n backside ,see fromwrong n inner side of fabric, now attached orpined center knotch of sleeves to shoulder center of armhole, attach sleeves with armhole by pins, now sew i attached sleeves now sew on sides of sleeves n body n skirt, close sides of sleeves ,body n skirt. ipined it,lets sew see i sew it, see from inside hemborders,neckholen armsleeves edges sealall edges or borders. attach cloth to borders of frock like piping or bias strip, ipined it allaround sew n then double fold inside n sew again to conceal raw edges. frockis ready see baby wearing thankyou for watching subscribe