b38 Tutorial – Selecting and combining stitches (6/7)

b38 Tutorial – Selecting and combining stitches When the machine is switched on, you have direct access to the stitches on the display Straight stitch is automatically selected For other stitches, choose your desired stitch from the stitch overview in the drawer Change to the mode accordingly Enter the number of the desired stitch pattern Programming Patterns Select the first stitch pattern Press the memory button Select the second stitch pattern Press the mirror image button Press the memory button again To finish, press „Auto-lock“ while sewing The machine will finish the current pattern and sew locking stitches automatically To sew the combination just once, press the auto-thread-cutting button before sewing Sew; the machine will lock the stitches and trim the threads after the last stitch pattern When sewing combinations with letters, the machine stops automatically after a sample row