Applique Preparing Fabric

In this video I’m going to show you how
to prepare your fabric for applique. Hi there and welcome to my channel every
single Wednesday I create videos on how to use your sewing machine or simple
sewing tips and tricks this is part two of my series and now need to prepare my
fabric for the applique so I think this fabric is going to be big enough for the
main part of my house like so before I stick it down I’m going to use some
stabilizer on my fabric and that is going to prevent any fraying
of the fabric so we are not going to saturate it we’re just going to lightly spray it and we’ll let that dry
and then I’m going to put the iron on top of it to finish that stabilization
process so I’m just going to go in with the iron and it’s a dry iron so try not
to steam. Now I am also going to be using this fusible webbing you should be able
to find it at any fabric store it’s literally like a glue that you put onto
your fabric so I’m going to put this onto the wrong side of my fabric so
before I press this fusible down to the wrong side of my fabric I have here it’s
a Teflon sheet so the fusible isn’t going to stick to the Teflon because we
need this fusible to stick later on onto our other fabric that we are adhering
our applique to so I’m going to give this a quick press so we can adhere our
fusible to one of the wrong side of our fabric and depending on the
manufacturer’s instructions just have a read of them
just a light press and it should stick as you can see this fusible does not
stick to my Teflon sheet now all I have to do is fix my freezer paper onto the
right side of the fabric and then I’m going to cut around the design then once
I cut the design out I just peel the freezer paper right off like so. So now
I’m just going to do the same thing with the doors and the windows if your freezer
paper unsticks just go back over again with your iron so now we have our
parts all complete you can go ahead and fix the door and the windows but don’t
fix the roof or the chimney we’ll be fixing them onto our further fabric for
whatever we’re making this project for like a cushion cover or a bag whatever
the applique is for. Now that webbing is going to adhere to our little house and
our windows are going to be fixed on as is our door I hope you’ve enjoyed
watching this video in a part three I’m going to show you how to attach your
applique to your final design so don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so
you don’t miss seeing me next week thank you so much for watching bye