Anti MLM | Lularoe’s Bloody Holiday Print

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little spongy things for some things that are on the walls now to absorb some
of the sound I might need some more so we’re gonna find out because this is the
first time that I Pat those on the walls all right guys let’s get to the stylings
of lularoe I really honestly I don’t know what to say I mean what is this I
live in Texas and all and I like cactus I mean they’re cute but is it me or is
the placement of this cactus in the crotch problematic and once again I mean
really the seams do not disappoint they are always some kind of special
funky oh my okay so we pixelated Santa which makes me think of
Minecraft my stepkids play that or at least they did I never have do you guys
play minecraft anyway but I’m getting a cake it looks like Santa this in a place
where no Santa should be I mean am i right
is this just is this something you would wear I mean I just look at this whole
thing that’s it’s just a mess and why do I feel that it could just rip apart it
like any moment okay there are two prints that are right
next to each other but I am not so sure if this little Santa guy or gal what is
that if that’s a little row or not do you know if this little row if you do
let me know and I think this reindeer snowflake strange lady’s face thing has
been seen before and I’m just gonna say it does not get better seeing it up a
second time and again I’m just going to point out the awful things what it’s up
with that why is this okay why do people buy this when it looks
this wackadoo can you can you brittle be that Jax sorry pant style by little row
and these kind of look like warm-ups to mix I’m looking like you know down here
where there’s that little like red I don’t know what to call it this red area
just because there’s red and white but you know don’t expect it be at your
ankles okay it’s that part it kind of like bunches there at the bottom kind of
anyway you know what I mean okay and this looks like maybe they’re going for
tie-dye but I’ve never seen any like let’s just use one color to tie-dye and
it could pass for blood to you know kind of I don’t know I’m having some really
bad thoughts about this it’s because it could be very unfortunate you know I
mean it just it’s making me think of not good things things that happened to
me before this time in my life I’ll just say that I’ll let you ladies just take
it from there oh good god cute holiday combo alert mine makes it yours I mean
saying it isn’t some doesn’t this look awful familiar didn’t we just see this
kind of red tie-dye thing you know in the pants but now there’s a matching top
III I just I can’t guys I just can’t how oh wow does anyone come up with this
idea and thank you that what that’s a keeper here we have some Nutcracker
leggings and I love nutcrackers but I’m not so sure about this it might look you
know I’m I don’t know how that would look on it’s just it’s kind of weird to
me that the print part is just at the bottom half but the legs you know from
like the knee down or the shed down whatever you know I mean it’s what are
your thoughts it’s just it seems kind of odd to me but then again this is little
row so it’s not like they’re going for what any other designer would go for and
I actually I feel really bad for this Nutcracker I can remember my mom having
some nutcrackers when I was a kid also I don’t know what to call it but there
the decorations were there so like a little string and you would pull it in
there there are legs and arms and go out and kind of go like we I don’t know what
that is you know and we are blessed to see not one but three people wearing the
Nutcracker Wow and okay what does it say down here just can’t help be concerned
about the person on the far right in the picture they might have a broken ankle
oh wow good gravy
that’s just what is wrong with that oh my gosh I hope she’s okay
I the Nutcracker didn’t cost that did it I’ve seen this print before and I am
going to zoom in here for you because you’re gotta see it up close and in
person and I mean it’s really hard to forget a lumberjack Santa dude with
flowers you know it just is a kid who the right mind would think that this is
a good idea I mean who’s going to go somewhere I mean whether it’s one of
those live things that little row retailers do or if you did see it in a
store even if it’s in a resale store who’s gonna look at this and think yep
that’s gonna look so good I can’t wait to wear this who is going to think that
no one no I mean maybe that’s why I’ve seen that before
I wonder if people are actually really wearing this have you seen anyone out
and about in this and if you haven’t oh please be on the lookout for it and take
a picture in the wild and send it to me come shop loser ropes parents sale oh
this is this is just awful this is just one of those things that breaks my heart
for the woman who thought joining a little row was a good idea that has to
be at least I mean at a minimum 50 shirts right and at 5 bucks a pop that’s
250 and I’m not sure what the regular retail is but let’s say it’s 25 and if
that is the case I mean she’s seriously losing out I know she paid more than
five bucks for each of these guys you know and that that’s just so awful just
I mean and I get it the willingness to take a loss to just be done and put ever
having been part of a lularoe behind you it it just really does
it it hurts my heart it really really does okay I think this is a new number
you know this is so yeah we’re being a great time oh wow maybe funny because
this shirt that’s actually called grace oh did I just amuse myself I am such a
dork anyway so we have this like you know a cap sleeve and it’s lace a lace
cap sleeve and then a tie in the front I haven’t never been a cap sleeve kind of
a gal maybe you are but would I look at these they all look just boring and
insert every expletive that is appropriate because just nothing that
looks appealing to me I mean you know how how do you try to sell things or
just so ugly okay we’re gonna have to get up close with this oh good god are
they pizzas with heart-shaped pepperonis all right flip those I really don’t know
but I know that they shouldn’t be I mean they just shouldn’t I mean it did the
designer just get lazy I mean that’s the thing when I see this and I can’t I just
look at the crotch area it’s just problematic or is it just me
do I just have a thing about looking in the crotch area or do you guys do that
too and of course you know we’re back at the seams the seams are always going to
be awful when it comes to these friends the seller described us as a quote fun
print this is not I repeat it is not a fun print this is just plain but oh I
can’t say the word I don’t want to say the word guys it’s not because I don’t
cuss cuz I do I just try to you know keep that off of my channel this it’s
just ugly it’s just that’s why is just ugly
I mean maybe somebody out there think this is darling but
don’t know why yeah I don’t know who and it just it just looks like you know
patchwork quilts which I do love and I really wish that I had the patience to
create something like that it kind of reminds me of that but a patch patch
well oh I’m saying it wrong that the end of the quilt the quilts whatever you
call those things they’re done like in the design and it’s always like really
intricate and pretty and you see like it’s all purposeful that you have all
these different colors you know going in the pattern and I look at this and
there’s no intent there’s no purpose it’s just kind of like well let’s just
sling this stuff together it just is so happy hazard
Wow okay this looks like candy to me does it look like candy to you and why
why would anyone want to wear leggings with you know candy wrapper things all
over all I mean oh I just shake my head Zulu sweatshirt floral with a logo oh
said no whatever I want that I mean it oh my gosh Wow who would want anything
with the lularoe logo on it and I mean I’ve never been like this girl this
floral print honestly this reminds me I used to own in this area of Houston it’s
a it’s a predominantly a Jewish area it’s right by the synagogue and there’s
this apartment complex over there that I used to live in and there’s there’s a
lot of older Jewish people there and this little old Jewish lady lived next
door to me and she was like the best watchdog ever plus she watered my plant
because with me if I have a plant I stick it outside and my god good luck
with that because I’ve killed air fern I’ve killed cactus I mean I just killed
plants that this little lady she would always make sure it was water she’s so
sweet and precious so anyway it reminds me of something that she would have wore
or I would have seen just because there was like usually like Bunco or
some kind of like game night and that would go on at the apartment complex and
so I’d see like these little groups of ladies you know all go into the
clubhouse and you know I always really wanted to go and play with them but you
know I kind of felt like I wouldn’t have been welcome because they know they were
nice by think they probably all had their own spot just like if you go play
bingo have you ever gone somewhere and played bingo and like somebody gets all
incensed if you sit in their places or it’s not just me and I’m telling you too
much information okay I’m gonna zoom in here okay oh my
gosh these are leggings where you can see your skin I mean they are super
super sheer now I’ve seen hoes that will like have some sort of you know design
on it but these are not hos these are leggings
how could you wear these out I mean you’re going to see your underwear don’t
you think if you can see your leg you’re gonna see your underwear oh my gosh can
you imagine if you you know saw these and you got it and you can’t return
things from Lula rub right am I right about that from everything that I’ve
seen and it seems like you can’t be like you know what this doesn’t fit or I
don’t it’s like once you get it it’s like yours and that is that’s just
terrible and I believe this is like a newer Idol it just goes back to such bad
quality speaking of quality or the lack thereof just a heads up on teddy bear
jackets I kept this one and have only washed it once on delicate coat and hung
it to dry oh my gosh and this is how it wears from oh my gosh
the lack of quality is staggering how do those upper tier Hans
like model does crap and take cute little pictures of themselves because
I’ve seen that and I mean really I want to just insert finger and gasps
Wow how do you go about selling things that you know are made so poorly and
those upper-tier lularoe retailers they know you know they know and they do it
anyway how can you run a quote business based on rotten quality you know okay
I’m gonna be honest here with the dental came out I looked at and I thought why
not that’s that’s not so bad and I remember seeing upon doing a live but it
just goes back to quality it really really does and if you’re an upper tier
hun you you know this is not gonna last and there you are just being all cutesy
and modeling a nugget oh we have this great view thing you know in your head
you write this stuff is gonna just fall apart in here we have it it’s frayed
lularoe dental my customers showed this to me today
this this was after one wash have any of you had some Frank under dental oh my
god can you imagine washing jeans one time one time and it’s Frank
can you imagine oh my gosh I mean I just can’t I just can’t
I tell you little ro is just so very special once I found out that Dan’s
sister has an MLM of her own and that Dan’s daughter and then also her niece
they each have their own MLM – I I really just lost all hope that these
people have any scruples they know they know what they are doing and they’ve
created a family who screws people over across generations that is just
disgusting and I keep thinking back in my head that
you know especially like these upper tear cuts because they’re modeling this
behavior for their children I actually saw a video today and it’s something I’m
probably going to look into it’s a melon that was created in the UK and somebody
was doing a presentation and all these kids were basically acting like Huns and
I would have to all set to see I’m gonna snip it and put it in a video for you to
see cuz when I saw that I thought oh you know people who are loving their
children do that should just stop it was just awful if you enjoy anti MLM content
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