Amigurumi Seamless Join (right-handed version)

[music] Hi. This is June from PlanetJune and today
I’m going to show you a method for joining together pieces of amigurumi
to give a really neat, smooth finish. I’m going to demonstrate using this Dimetrodon
dinosaur that I’ve been working on. When you’re joining pieces together in amigurumi, you’ll usually join an open-ended piece, like
this sail here, to a closed piece, like the body of the dinosaur, and that’s what this method is used for. To begin, place the open piece against the
closed piece in the correct position. You can pin it into place if you want. It usually isn’t necessary, but with a larger
piece like this it can be helpful. Now what we’re going to do is look at the
stitch on the open piece: here are the two loops of one stitch. You’ll be stitching through both of those
loops. And what you want to do is look at where that
stitch hits the closed piece, and we’re going to insert the needle directly
below that. So here I’ve started with this stitch. I’m going to insert the needle directly below
that stitch on the closed piece, and bring it up at the same point directly
below the next stitch, and pull through. Now we insert the needle beneath both loops
of the next stitch on the open piece, and pull through. Now here’s what makes this method special:
what we’re doing is, when we make this stitch over the closed piece, we’re coming out of, and going back into,
the same hole. So what we can do is pull the stitch very
tight, and what this does is makes the stitch almost
invisibly small, and pulls the open piece right down, so it makes a very smooth line against the
closed piece. To make this really clear, I’m going to do
a few stitches with a contrasting colour of yarn, so you
can really see what I’m doing. So here we’ve come out of one stitch on the
open piece. We’re going back into the stitch below that
on the closed piece, and come out directly below the next open
stitch. We’ll pull that through, and we’ll pull it
tight. We’ll go up under both loops of the next stitch
on the open piece, go back into the same stitch we came out of,
and come out at the stitch directly below the next stitch
on the open piece. We’ll pull that through, and then we pull
it tight. And it’s this pulling it tight that really
makes the difference. You can see the size of the stitch goes to
almost nothing, and that’s why the join is almost invisible. When it’s finished, you have a really neat
seam, and it’s almost impossible to see the stitches. So this is really the best way to get a good
finish on your amigurumi.