Albany chapter of Quilts for Kids helps patients at Albany Med

(uplifting music) I’m Karen Casey, I’m the chapter leader for the Albany, New York, area Quilts For Kids. Well, I was just reading a magazine, and at the very bottom right hand corner was a little article that said Quilts For Kids. And it was just like their logo. And I just searched it out, to see exactly what it was, and it was very interesting to me because people donate quilts for kids in need. So I called the headquarters, which are located in Pennsylvania, and asked about becoming a chapter leader. (uplifting music) Anything that we get is all donated, whether it’s material, money, supplies, whatever it is, and 100% of it goes into Quilts For Kids. And our quilts stay right in our local area. They’re warm, they’re cuddly, you can wrap up in it, no matter what kind of a day you have, it just brings you safety, somebody cares about you. In 2013, we completed 201 quilts and donated it to Albany Medical Center. It just warms your heart every time you even put a stitch on a piece of material. There was a little girl that was going home. We let her pick out her own quilt to take home with her. It was just the reaction, like I said, from the parents, that little girl was so excited. The care that goes into every one of these quilts that’s being made, people just love doing it. You know that somebody did that for you and they’re just there putting their arms around ya. Everybody, you know, it just warms your heart. (uplifting music)