AK Sewing for Beginners – New Sewing Pattern Format

Sewing for Beginners
and for the more experienced sewer The Panel Coat Dress I have published this new sewing pattern on my website angelakane.com Many of you have requested a Princess Line garment and this Panel Coat Dress is a great introduction Here is the ebook for this pattern it is packed with detailed step by step instructions and diagrams A great lesson for beginners and a guide for the more experienced I know this will please many of you who prefer to work from written instructions rather than the videos Often this style of garment would have welt pockets which can be quite difficult You’ll find this an easier option The pockets are integrated into the side panels This method can be used for coats, jackets and dresses This Panel Coat Dress will also introduce you to
a great method for sewing a centre back vent You will find this a useful lesson to refer to when sewing all tailored garments And here is the PDF sewing pattern I have been working on a new format Many of you have asked for more information about
fabric requirements and notions and also cutting out layouts I am now showing requirements and layouts
for all the most usual fabric widths For Main Fabric Lining Fabric and Interfacing The pattern itself is drafted in 9 sizes
from size 6 to 22, that’s UK sizing Taping up is quick and easy Click the link above for more information
about downloading, printing and taping up Here is the sewing pattern taped up and cut out
It doesn’t take long My patterns are now colour coded for even more clarity Green for Main Fabric Red for Lining Blue for Facings and Brown for Interfacing So we are ready to go
All we need to do is to order some fabric A Sew Along Video for this pattern will be coming next Please click here and subscribe to my channel
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to download this pattern in all sizes from 6-22 The pattern is available to the paid membership of
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