Advanced Quilting Techniques : Trimming and Sewing Fabrics for a Quilt

Pull your fabric out, cut your threads. It
is always nice to have your threads cut and not leave straggly threads on here. Now then
we need to press this again. Every time we sew, we press. So I will take it to the ironing
board and press with the dark side up. I am going to press the seam towards the dark.
And the reason for doing this is to, so if you pressed it toward the light, the dark
might show through the top side and it would make your block look bad. Now that we have
that pressed, we are going to have to cut this. It tells us to cut it four segments,
3 1/2 inch segments. So, we got to cut this 3 1/2. Just lay your ruler down and take you
rotary cutter. 3 1/2. Got to have 4 of them. 3 1/2 and its good to have your ruler straight
on your fabric. 3 1/2 and lets see if this one is 3 1/2. I bet it is little long. It
is. Look at that. Got a little extra you can put in your quilt jelly.