Advanced Quilting Techniques : Tips for Edging a Quilt

We are squaring this up. We got a different
ruler we are working with. It needs to be 2 inches so I have the edge of the fabric
underneath the ruler on 2 inches on both sides. I am just going to cut this to where it is
2 inches. I am going to lay it aside and do the other 3. I am working with a little larger
ruler than I normally work with so it kind of makes it a little more difficult. It is
always good when you are working and you know what size you blocks are, to make them that
size and your pieces will fit together real well. If you don’t you may have a problem
in the end. This one wasn’t as big as the other one was. And when you lay one down if
you have one that does not close on its own, you need to close it. This one actually closes
on its own. Because you can get cut real easy with your rotary cutter. They are very sharp.