Advanced Quilting Techniques : Combining Fabrics for a Quilt

What I look to do, is make it look like it
does on the book. I lay my pieces out together. And that looks right pretty. So I think I
will sew it. What I do is I flip this up against this edge and I put a pin there. I may adjust
it. I will have to as I sew. Then I flip this one down over here over this and I put a pin
in it. That way I don’t sew the wrong edge. I have and I try not to do that any more.
I put this up against this. Put me a pin in it. Put this down, put me a pin in it. And
while I am at it, I am going to go ahead and pin these to this. Then I can sew all of them
while I am sitting down at one time and then press.