A quilting tradition continues in Krotz Springs

well quilting may seem to be a dying art to some but to hundreds heading to cross Springs this weekend the art is just beginning 13th annual cross springs quilt show will be happening this weekend at the Krotz Springs Community Center from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and for $1 you can view hundreds of quilts made by people from right here and Acadiana and also support local charities at the same time well I spoke to one quilter and who will be at the show tomorrow and she says from an early age she taught herself to quilt was forced to hang up her needle and thread for a while but she’s now back in the game each stitch is guided into just the right pattern for Deborah Minard each stitch isn’t just another way to connect the squares it tells a story we also do a lot of memorial quilts where someone has passed away let’s say and they have work shirts or they have pajamas or whatever they you know they might have and you use that fabric and you make quilts out of it at an early age Deborah watched her mother and grandmother make quilts and while they never taught her she was able to learn on her own and for years she handmade quilt after quilt until one day she couldn’t anymore it was it was kind of quilted it’s one of those things that particularly if you’re hand quilting which is what I was doing at the time it’s a long time it takes hours you sit there and you quilt and I’m a person that can’t leave things unfinished I’ve been called obsessive but that’s okay but when I start I want to go ours and the fingers wouldn’t cooperate they’d cramp up Deborah lay down her needle and thread and moved on to other projects but one day that all changed she was contacted by a group of women who belonged to the Krotz Springs quilt guild I didn’t realize there were that many people still quilting when I was making you feel like you’re out there on the island and then I discovered there’s a lot of women still quilting now Deborah dedicates much of her time to the quilt guild helping them with many charities throughout the year it’s wonderful as Deborah continues work on her latest project a quilt for hospice care she smiles happy to be doing what she loves while giving back and again go check out the quilt show it’s gonna be at the Krotz Springs Community Center from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow