A patchwork of healing and warmth

– That all the quilts would be blessed. – It’s a prayer for the patchwork these quilts, hundreds of them, they’re offered
as gifts of comfort and joy to every in-patient who wants one at County USC Medical Center. – So they’re actually small quilts that fit over a person’s lap while they’re in the hospital to keep their knees and legs warm. – Father Chris Pinet, Director of Spiritual Care, leads the blessing in the hospital’s chapel,
a holiday tradition at County USC for years. The quilts are hand stitched by
volunteers from various congregations throughout Southern California. They’ve
gathered here as one to pray and to present their patchwork to the patients. – So I have blues and greens and yellows and purples and they all get put together. It’s extra special to have something that someone made for you
that’s just for them. – From prayers to presentation, some 30
volunteers are now scouring the hospital delivering the gifts to some 600
patients let’s see some reaction. – Hello Alma. How are you? Nice to meet you Alma. – Alma Gomez. a leukemia patient, also receives a handmade chemo cap to cover her hair loss from chemotherapy. It’s from volunteers at Westwood Presbyterian Church and her quilt… – If I have something somebody give me it helps me. – When we knit these
things and make them every stitch we are saying a prayer of some kind. It gives me
a lot of pleasure to give and from someone like Alma, who receives so graciously
it is about that. – I say always, “You are very happy.” Always. – And about providing that little
extra warmth on the road to recovery. At County USC Medical Center, I’m Gil Reyes.