A Game Of Thrones: Chapter 7 – Arya 1 (Chapters Summary)

Arya is dismayed at her crooked stitches; she can’t match her sister Sansa’s needlework. Their governess, Septa Mordane, coos over Princess Myrcella’s needlework, which Arya thinks is also crooked. Sansa is whispering with Jeyne Poole and Beth Cassel. When Arya asks what they are whispering about… … she is told it is about how handsome Prince Joffrey is, and that he has complimented Sansa and is going to marry her. Arya points out that Jon Snow thinks Joffrey looks like a girl. Sansa laments that Jon gets jealous because he is a bastard but Arya defends him, drawing the septa’s attention to her. Septa Mordane inspects Arya’s stitches and pronounces her dissatisfaction. Humiliated, Arya bolts for the door, stopping only long enough by septa to be forced to bow to Princess Myrcella. Arya wishes she had some of her sister’s skill and beauty. She has her father’s looks, not the beauty of their mother like Sansa. Jeyne used to call her “Horseface”, which was all the more hurtful because the only thing that Arya could do better than Sansa was ride. Arya finds her direwolf pup Nymeria waiting for her… …and together they go to watch the boys sparring in the practice yard, not daring to go back to her room where she would be found and punished. On the covered bridge overlooking the yard, Arya comes across Jon Snow seated on a sill with Ghost, watching the fighting below. Arya asks why Jon is not down in the yard with the others, Jon explains that bastards are not allowed to damage princes, only trueborn swords can do that. She sits down beside him and they watch together. In the yard below, heavily-padded Bran has knocked Prince Tommen down when are sparring each other with wooden swords under the watchful eye of Ser Rodrik Cassel, the master-at-arms. The group of spectators includes Robb and Theon. Ser Rodrik calls Robb and Joffrey for a bout. Joffrey acts as if it is beneath his dignity to fight Starks with practice swords. He suggests real swords and Robb readily accepts. Ser Rodrik states that he will only allow blunted tourney swords. Joffrey’s scarred bodyguard Sandor Clegane remarks that he killed a man with a real sword when he was only twelve, and tell ser rodrik it is wrong to question crown prince. Joffrey makes a few more condescending remarks that enrage Robb, then feigns a yawn and leaves with Tommen. Jon comments to Arya that Joffrey truly is a “little shit”. Then he Jon encourages Arya to go to her room and face her punishment. Arya insists it is not fair, but Jon says that nothing is fair as he walks away with Ghost.