8 Ways To Wear Khaki Pants | Chinos With Boots, Loafers & Sneakers

What’s up, guys? I’m Brian Sacawa, you’re
watching He Spoke Style, and today I’m showing you eight ways to wear khaki
pants. First up is a look that I showcased on
the website six years ago. Kind of hard to believe. And that I can still wear
today is a testament to the fact that great basics never go out of style. Have
the khaki pants that I’ll be featuring throughout this video and they are from
bonobos. I would call this the Goldilocks fit. Not too slim. Not too baggy. But just
right. Up top, two more staple items. A heather gray athletic sweatshirt by
Levi’s worn over a classic OCBD. Accessories. Simple and elegant watch on
the wrist. Sunglasses are by Oliver Peoples. These are the Banks. And then
finished off with a pair of white Common Projects sneakers. Next, we have basically
the same look although I have upgraded it a little bit to give it more of a
business casual feel as opposed to the more casual vibe of the previous outfit.
So, two changes here. First, swapping the athletic sweatshirt for a merino wool
v-neck sweater. This is by J.Crew. And, again, worn over the same light blue OCBD.
Other change is the shoes. I traded the white sneakers for these penny loafers
by Allen Edmonds. With only two simple changes, I was able to transform a more
sporty outfit into one that I would say fits pretty well into that kind of hard
to define business or smart casual category. Here we have a look that if it
was 2012 or 2013 would totally break the internet. This is, of course, a menswear
uniform of sorts. It’s so classic. It’s so easy to put together.
And it really has you covered in many, many different types of situations.
Breaking it down. First, the navy jacket from Michael Andrews Bespoke. Hopsack
fabric and patch pockets give it a more casual, laid-back feel. Underneath, once
again, is the light blue OCBD. And then anchored by a pair of Allen Edmonds
lace-ups. I’ll be honest and say that it’s been a while since I’ve worn this
particular look. But styling it for this video reminded me how powerful a simple
and classic look like this can be. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve sort of been
ramping up the formality with just some minor changes to the basic look we
started with. And here is the last in that series before we change things up a
little bit. This is a really classic, conservative, and for lack of a better
term, what I would call a very “American” kind
of look. It’s got this kind of college-prep thing going on. And I really
dressed it up, of course, with the tie. Classic Brooks Brothers BB #4
rip tie. And then instead of a button-down collar, we have a spread
collar shirt. Now, because I was thinking along the more preppy lines here, I
decided to finish the look off with a pair of tassel loafers. These are by
Johnston and Murphy. Moving on now to a look that I would put in sort of the
grown-up casual category but really is a look that would look great on anyone
pretty much any day of the week. Khaki pants, because they are such a classic
and staple pair of pants, I love pairing them with other classic items and a very
classic menswear color palette. Here, I’m doing that by keeping it a little sporty
up top with this navy rugby shirt. It’s from the Nordstrom 1901 line. And
then the piece that I would say makes it a little more grown-up, this brown suede
jacket, which I picked up at Billy Reed a number of years ago at a very deep
discount. And then keeping the sporty theme going by finishing off with a pair
of white Common Projects. Here’s a look that is both simple and casually cool.
It’s always good to remember, especially as you get deeper and deeper into
menswear and developing your wardrobe, that, as I said before, there is power in
simplicity. The more you learn, you know, it’s kind of easy to get bored with that.
But when you actually get back to basics, you really understand, frankly, why it
works so well. Here, I’m just keeping it very simple with a white OCBD. And then
for some contrast and a little bit of casual edge, I threw on this black Levi’s
denim trucker jacket. Shoes, or actually boots, I should say, are my leather
chelseas by Jack Erwin. Super comfortable, which is why I like to call
chelsea boots the loafers of the boot world.
Up next is a look that’s all about playing around with different shades of
brown. I would say this is monochromatic- ish only because the lighter khaki color
kind of makes the monochromatic thing a little less obvious. Dressing tonally
like this, it’s always great to add in some texture, which is what I did with
the suede trucker jacket. Really killer piece from the HSS Michael Andrews
collection. Link to sign up for the launch announcement is right
up there. Underneath, keeping it casually elegant with the brown turtleneck. It’s
by Ted Baker. And then a great accessory that really makes the outfit, in my
opinion, a patterned scarf by Drake’s. And then, once again, finished off with the
leather chelsea boots. Finally, an outfit that I’m calling the urban explorer. What
I want you to think about here is to actually imagine what this outfit would
look like without the waistcoat. I think it would still look fine, but the
waistcoat definitely takes it up to a different level, which is always the case
when you’re adding a tailored element into an otherwise mostly casual outfit.
Speaking of the casual side of this, let’s talk about the shirt. This is a
Western denim shirt. It’s by Polo Ralph Lauren. Notice the snaps instead of buttons. Up top, an olive green felt hat. It’s by Worth and Worth. And then,
anchored by this great chocolate wingtip leather dress boot. This, of course, the
Dalton by Allen Edmonds. So there you have it. Just eight of the many ways to
style khaki pants. As always, complete outfit details are down below in the
description. Leave a comment. Let me know which look you liked best. Thumbs up. Don’t
forget to subscribe. And until next time, thanks for watching and stay tailored.