60 Degree Ruler

Hi I’m Pam with Craft Town Fabrics, and
today we’re going to talk about a 60 degree ruler and some of the things that
we can do with it. At the end of the video there will be links for the
supplies that we have used so to get started there are different
manufacturers of the rulers I have used the Marti Michell for our samples today.
There’s also Creative Grids ruler that’s got the non slip dots on the back that’s
also nice. Sixty-degree ruler to begin with its equal on all three sides .The
Marti Michell also has the line down the middle so that you can make your 30
degree triangles to put on the end if you’re making like the thousand pyramid
quilts were you just use the triangles for that. There are marks on here
also on the side that shows the finished side of the triangle block. Also the 1/4 inch seam
allowance is included in the ruler. So to get started I have a piece of our border
fabric here that you can cut your triangles and whenever you cut them
apart and put them together it makes a hexagon. Behind me are some samples that we will
look at the end of the video, but to get started to cut my strips this strip I measured between these two
red lines to find my center point. Because I wanted this even around so after I got my
measurement I cut my two strips. Now I have cut my strips and I have also
starched my strips just because when ever you cut these triangles you’re gonna have biased edges
and they will stretch. So after I cut my strips I’m going to layer them so that I
can cut two at the same time. You need to match up your print and you can take a
pin and just stick it in a point of your print and find that print, stick down through there and kind of hold it and get it where you want it. Now I am going to straight edge this edge over here. Just so I will have a good starting point. Now you are going to take your ruler, it’s trimmed off up here so you can get your seams lined up when ever you get
ready to sew them together. Line that up, from corner to corner. Now when ever you turn your ruler you’re gonna have
different prints. Stack them in the same stack so they won’t get mixed up. Now if you to you can certainly fussy cut it, where it is the same print, if you prefer. But you are going to have to allow extra yardage for that. Now let me show you what we got here. Take these and turn them around so you can see. Now there is your Hexagon shape. See how the lines, when you sew that You want to match these points so that whenever you get that together it will flow all the way around. Now your center hole will
not be there once you sew that together. These are offset so that this is where you will
start your seam allowance. Now this one will look different, a little different because you had your ruler turn the other way to cut these. The fabrics are sticking together Now when ever you sew these together you would think you would sew pairs together but you can’t it won’t work that way. You would sew this pair together press and then sew this one so that you would have two halves
and then sew the two halves together. It makes an interesting design so let me show
you how you cut your 30 degree. If you wanted to put that on the side like on our
placemats you can double your fabric. Remember this center line here? Now there’s a seam allowance included in that
. so you will want to line that up on your fabric and you want that seam allowance in there Or else you will be short. Then you will add your 30 degree and now lets cut the other side and again don’t forget your seam
allowance on your ruler for your center. And as you can see it will go to each side. So you would do your halves sew them together then sew each end to opposite sides And put the block together. And now I want to show you some different things with some different fabrics that
you can make with this ruler. Different sizes of borders make
different, the prints in it make it look different. Here is one I have put together, it is a lot wider border But as you can see your design isn’t . always going to be the same unless you cut it to where it is the same Which is called fussy cutting. That one I just put
together just for purposes to show you what it looks like. That one is going in, these
would be going out so whenever you flip your ruler to cut its going to change
the direction of your print as you can see in this one. The apples are on the outside the apples are on the inside on this one There’s a lot of fun things that you can
do with it you can see the difference in the two now there’s also another fun pattern
you can do you can take strips varying strips sew them together and make what’s
called a spider block As you can see it changes you’ve got red white red white and red or you can sew strips together
cut them and make it where is just a solid strip around with two lights on the outside
so there’s lots of different ways that you can do this, play with it have fun
with it. It’s a It’s a good ruler to have just to do different things with now over
here on our wall we have made some samples of placemats with our first
border we put that together and added our 30 degrees on the side and then just
took an extra strip of the border here and added in an added a small border
nice springy looking we use yellow and green the other print here this is a runner
that we used we used our sixty-degree on the and added a longer piece now these two
borders here are the same borders that were cut different and you can see how
it changed it in the center where that was together this one’s got a middle and it
and where this kind of you kind of lost some of that on this one and then
there’s another idea over there for three of them put together for a runner.
So there’s lots of possibilities that you can do with this ruler I hope you’ve
enjoyed the tutorial and hopefully you’ll try it and have some fun with it too. thank you