5 Minute HOOP FINISH for Cross Stitch Embroidery | Flosstube

In this video, I’m going to show you this
really quick and easy way to finish your embroidery hoop. Hey there, this is Sarah with the
Notorious Needle and I’m all about breaking the rules to help you stitch
whatever you want. So this happened! This is Daisy.
Say hi Daisy. If you hear some tinkling in the background, that’s probably her
collar. And occasionally she barks, too. What you’ll need for this project is
your finished cross stitch, another piece of fabric for the backing – I chose red
felt, it matches the hat – and a hoop. The first thing you need to do is cut your
piece of fabric to size. You can cut it the same size as your project or a
little smaller if you like. I will cut mine the same size. It doesn’t have to be
perfect. We will trim it later. Next you want to open your embroidery hoop all
the way. So you untwist this little knob at the top as far as it will go.
Try not to separate the two sides. So if it pops all the way out you’ve gone too
far. Put it back in just until it catches the
other side. it’s just a screw mechanism. and take out the bottom piece The inside hoop goes on the bottom,
followed by your backing fabric, followed by your embroidery piece. Try and feel to
make sure that’s as centered as possible, and then place the top ring over it. Once you get the hoop over the top, you’re going to want to tug at your aida cloth
and make sure that the project is centered inside the hoop, or at least in
place where you want it to be. Next, if there is any room, go ahead and
tighten that screw at the top. Because my felt is so thick there’s really not a
whole lot of room to tighten it. This is quite snug and I’m confident it will stay in place … I hope. The last thing you need to do is snip
off all the extra. You’ll want to cut as close to the hoop as you can. Let’s see, it looks like I can probably stand to snip off a little more material here. This is what it looks like on the back, nice and neat. Nobody can see your stitches?
And this is what it looks like on the front. As a few finishing touches, you
can sign the back, I’m going to use a sharpie marker just to put my initials
and the year. This is meant to be a tree ornament for a friend of mine. And I’m
going to put a little ribbon at the top. The final touch, I just added a little
bit of golden thread so that this can be used as an ornament. And here is the
finished hoop. In real time this literally took me 12 minutes and 26
seconds. If you liked this video, this is the third in a series of hoop finishes.
The playlist link will be down below, and you can watch the other two and the
future – hmm, I don’t know how many. 🙂