5/23/2016 8:52:19 AM

Okay this video is going to demonstrate for you downloading and installing Embrilliance Essentials My copy of Embrilliance Essentials was bought through Embroidery.com, so I’m going to the “my designs” section of my account to find the download I’ll type in Embrilliance to find it. You can see here, it shows the Embrilliance products that I have. I click on Essentials. The license key is kept here and Also, there’s a link for the download and instructions, so I’m going to click that. Here you can see there are several options for downloading Embrilliance. There’s the Mac OS version and the Windows version. I’m personally going to use Windows. Pretty unique in embroidery software: that in Embrilliance is available for a Mac. So I click Windows and the download begins. This is the only download that I’m going to need for Essentials, Alpha Tricks, Enthusiast, and the Density Repair Kit. I would just need to add extra serial numbers if I purchase those as well. Speaking of the serial number you can see here, it’s at the top of the page like it was before. And we’re going to just copy that because I’m going to need it in a minute Now my download is finished. I’ll click on the zip to begin installation Start it by clicking “run.” Next this is the License Agreement. I need to read through it and it. “Next.” This is the location it’s going to save my files on my computer for installation, so I click “Next” This shows me where in the Start menu. It’s going to create a folder for Embrilliance, so I click “Next.” This says that it’s going to create a desktop icon. I click “Next” — And this is a recap of those three choices that we just made for installation, and you click “install”. The installation begins and I can click to launch Embrilliance. And here’s where we enter the serial number. Remember that I pasted it from the previous page, so I’m just going to paste it now, and click “set.” If I have more serial numbers, this is where I can enter them. And here I can enter my registration information. You can see here that it offers to alert me about products and updates by email, and so I’m going to enter that in my installation. It says “thank you for registering.” And now here is Embrilliance. I can open any design file that I have. I have actually used essentials before so there are a few. This is how the design appears if you’ve been editing it and you’ve saved your edit file because there’s more you want to do. It appears with a .BE extension here on the end. This is a full file file that I’m ready to to stitch the whole design is ready. So I saved it out in my embroidery format which is PES, so I can go ahead and edit my design some more, if I wish and that’s what in Embrilliance Essentials is for. It’s for design editing, and it’s a really great software for that. We’ll do more on editing next time on Computer Tips.