35 Disney Gift Ideas & Giveaway! Your Disney Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a
friend who really likes Disney or you’re looking for a gift for yourself because
you really like Disney, we’ve got you covered with a Disney Gift Guide! And if
you guys stick around to the end, I’m going to show you how to enter a
giveaway so that you can win one of the items on this list. Hello and welcome to the Queendom. I’m Sarah Ingle and today we’re going over the Disney Gift Guide. It’s honestly kind of a little bit more of a Disney Princess Gift Guide. I think there
are some things on here that aren’t Disney Princess maybe it might actually
all yeah that’s at least I can think of at
least two things off the top of my head this is meant not for little kids who
like Disney I’ve got a lot of things on this I’ve narrowed it down but still
it’s a lot so we’re just gonna jump right on into it I’ll have links to
everything below so that you can find them and either get them for yourself or
get them for somebody that you really like it’s better be something you really
like they’re all really good okay so the very first thing I’m gonna show you guys
something I found a box Lynch it’s a little tangled hat with the corona Sun
and a little Pascal I think you guys are gonna notice the theme a lot of this
stuff especially the things that I already own are Rapunzel I’m gonna try
to avoid the Hat hair see I’ve already made a mess of things but it’s so cute
it’s like little Pascal a lot of things I like about it is the whole Pascal is
there and it’s so cute it’s like Pascal sitting in your hat I just I love this
it’s perfect for a tangled Disney bound it’s nice and snuggly too for this time
of year love love love this it’s from Fox lunch next thing on the list is this
lantern bag oh I love this I wore this with my gonna with Disney bounds to
Disneyland I’ve worn this I wasn’t d23 as my bag one of my bags
one of my bags I had a Eugene satchel as one of my bags and then I had this as my
other bag at d23 and my Rapunzel outfit and it’s from
Danielle Nicole inside inside is a cord that does not come with your Danielle
Nicole bag in the back it has like a little Rapunzel on it the front is just
glitter Corona Sun and the details on it are great the same details that you’d
find on the actual lanterns it’s really high conflict banging on it it’s
high-quality I love it I’ll stop hitting it now if you guys follow me on
Instagram which if you don’t you should because this has become such a thing
earlier this year I had two sets of Disney Princess sock advent calendars
that I had not opened from two different Christmases and so I just started doing
a daily sock opening in January and it’s by far the most popular thing I’ve ever
done on my Instagram stories so this year I went a little nutso and I figured
this should be on the gift guide too because there’s so much Disney Princess
and frozen to advent calendars you open them up and this sock since I obviously
I’ve opened the socks I have someone right now today I have snow white socks
they also make them in these little like surprise crackers I’ve never opened a
like cracker before this should be fun more tangled stuff next on the list we
have this little it’s a wallet but it’s like a different art style for
her I hope you could still see it I’m trying
and it’s also Danielle Nicole there’s a bag version I like a backpack a mini
backpack version of this too that you guys may really like and so you guys
might want to check that out – maybe we’ll pop a picture over here or over
here it feels so nice – this is not like a cheapy wallet very quality and little
drawing a bus go why is he so cute the next thing on the list is you guys have
seen this before if you’ve been here a while the Sleeping Beauty makeup
collection from Besame if you guys want to see a full review on this I’ll link
to it in the description or you can just search for it on a channel but it’s the
best made sleeping beauty makeup it literally color matches from the
movie the different shades you can see like the eyelid color from Aurora as
well as from Maleficent but there are also color-changing lipsticks it changes
from blue to pink when you put it on your lips
there’s maleficence lipstick there’s Aurora’s lipstick there’s this beautiful
Sleeping Beauty mirror but if you guys want to see that in more detail I do
have another video that’s just entirely on that but there’s no way I could make
a Disney Gift Guide and not include this on it because it’s amazing all the next
step is from colour-pop yes this one is there I see the light tangled collection
it’s a little Rapunzel bundle it’s so cute
the packaging is beautiful I’m obsessed there’s an entire video where I go
through and test this out review it all for you so again that will be linked in
the description if you want to see this in detail as well as these guys these
are pretty new from Colourpop these are the Frozen 2 collection we have the
Elsa set and the Anna set I’m not going to go into detail and to
everything that’s in here but the palettes are beautiful I was very very
very impressed with these especially for the money there’s a full review on both
of these and I’ll link to that in the description as well if you want to see
swatches of literally every color so the next thing on the list is a little
pricey but this is my Rapunzel crown and people ask any
time they see it where did you get that because it’s so legit this is from
secret honey. Secret Honey I believe is a Japanese brand but they do things that
are licensed with Disney so this is Disney license it even says on here
there’s a copyright Disney and a little tiny Corona crown in there I know it’s
way too small for you to see this is by far the highest quality Rapunzel crown I
have seen out there it’s so accurate it’s heavy I’ve seen a lot of them but
this one is my favorite the thing is with secret honey you can’t order
directly from a secret honey in the US you have to buy them from a buyer so I
will link in the description to the instagrams of a couple of my favorite
buyers that you could get them from and if you want something to sit it on
people always ask me where I got this – they make the Corona pillow
it’s from the wedding store the Tangled Ever After where the were the ring set
and it’s so cute it’s the perfect thing to sit it on like really and then you
just add a little Pascal and like really what else could you possibly ask for
except hair on you Rapunzel problems this is like really really on the tingle
kick here I’m gonna bring out one more tangled thing this a tear over like it’s
just a frying pan no this is a rubber frying pan so you can actually hit
yourself in the head with it it’s honestly a little bit more expensive
than a cast-iron frying pan but it’s it’s really light so if you’re into
cosplay if you’re into costuming if you just want something that’s like fun I
really like it so you guys might like it too
everybody that sees it thinks it’s real and then it always shocks people and
you’re like it’s pretty quality for rubber. Traci’s Adorkable merch I know
it’s not official Disney but if you’re a fan of the Little Mermaid
you could definitely get all of your mermaid vibes out of your system wearing
this because I’m I love it everything Traci does from Adorkable it’s super
cute I haven’t actually like officially
announced that technically my merch site has been up for a while and I was just
like afraid of announcing it because I didn’t want to break anything while some
of the kinks we’re still getting ironed out
I even had people order stuff from it before it was even done because I
somehow found it but if you really like stuff that’s inspired by Rapunzel then
I’ve got these pants that you guys have seen me wore a lot they’re not pants are
technically leggings there are other people who have leggings that are
inspired by Rapunzel I designed these before wreckit-ralph even came out these
are like my personal design that I made for myself and so many people wanted
them that I’ve made them available so other people can have them too
I really like that that’s like the Rapunzel pattern very very discreetly in
the purple so if you get up really close you can see that they run so show so
tiny I’m like the tiniest most microscopic human being make sure you
order two sizes up if you want them because they run extremely small so you
know any of the stuff that you get from me it’s all made once you order it so it
can take a while to get there so if it’s something that like absolutely has to be
there before Christmas um I think right now it still would make it
there before Christmas if it absolutely has to be there before Christmas
don’t don’t don’t count on this I like discouraging people for buying my own
stuff because I’m being a dork so if any of you guys are into
figurines or know somebody who likes figurines these um they’re so cute I
don’t know how to pronounce it I don’t know if they’re pronounced Q Posket
but that’s how it’s spelled like Q P O S K E T and then like the
letter Q before that um they’re believe Japanese Japanese making all the Disney
stuff. They make so many Disney figurines of these I happen to have it on Elsa
ones they’re not technically children’s toys so FTC don’t don’t attack me in
case you didn’t notice this is a little ring on my finger this is from Hot Topic
I know they make an even fancier prettier mother a more amazing version
sorry Hot Topic but they’re also a lot more expensive in the enchanted Disney
fine jewelry collection you guys know that I did a collab a couple collabs
with them I did the Maleficent and then they also provided the jewelry for
me to wear to the Frozen 2 premiere that actually leads us very nicely into
the rest of our list because the things that I don’t have one of the things on
list is the enchanted Disney fine jewelry collection Tangled ring it’s so
pretty there’s this is exactly the crown but it
has like the corona Sun and it’s like kind of the shape of the crown it’s
really creative I think it’s so cute and I really want it the next thing on this
list is this little lanyard ID thing if you are a Disney Annual Pass Holder or
even if you’re just gonna go into Disney and you want somewhere to hold your
little card if you’re not doing the Magic Man like they do at Disney World
this it’s so cute the little ears the next thing on the list are these Disney
Minnie Mouse Primark heels they’re so cute they’re heels though they also have
some Mouse ears so like all my Disney bounding friends I can picture you know
like a picture wearing these as amber amber Arden amber Arden if you don’t
already have a pair of these I think you need them next thing I’m
gonna put on the list is actually one that’s not Disney Princess haha another
thing probably enchanted Disney fine jewelry collection is the Maleficent
jewelry it’s so beautiful it’s so different I love the black
diamonds they’re incredible and everything from the enchanted Disney
fine jewelry collection is it’s very high quality the stuff from the
enchanted Disney fine jewelry collection of stuff it’s more like special occasion
where you can’t usually be as overt about it something is more formal
anyways this cutting board it’s a Mickey mouse-shaped cutting board and then it
has like this secret little drawer that comes out with knives in it and they all
have a little Mickey heads on them so all my dinners I figured this this
belongs in your kitchen basically everything from the Ruthie Davis Frozen
2 shoe collection it’s so pretty why they’re all so pretty I love things that
are iridescent and so the amount of iridescent stuff in here is just off the
charts it’s kind of expensive but it’s so pretty if you’re looking to get like
a splurge a gift on somebody and didn’t want to go with a jewelry route these
shoes these shoes these shoes yes please they’re so cute
they’re $798 and I don’t mean like $7.98 798 dollars yeah they’re expensive but
it’s so pretty oh okay the next thing I’ve had this on
my my wish list since last year ThinkGeek made these beautiful Disney
princess dinner sets like the whole shebang that comes with the whole set
and I’m like and they’re all like a different color but they’ll still go
together and they’re like these pastel colors you guys oh okay I just looked at
my list and I forgot there’s something that’s on this list that we skipped that
I that I have I’m so excited this is hands-down my
favorite water bottle ever up the front we have Rapunzel’s lace up and on the
back for your pump right and like the detail on the bottom with the lace oh my
god so it’s like literally her dress and then her hair and the top says best day
ever yes yes it does and this is the best
water bottle ever next thing on the list I just want to show you more of like a
variety of stuff that color pop has color pop has so much Disney makeup I
just showed you some of it because that stuff that I already have and I’ve
reviewed and swatch and yada yada but there’s a lot more so all from color
pops okay the next thing I want to show you I feel like I kind of need this this
is Mickey Mouse pancake maker I also would like a Mickey Mouse with waffle
maker pancakes or waffles there are both oh and by the way while
you’re doing all of your your cooking you can apron it’s so cute it’s from
williams-sonoma I actually have an r2d2 one I think it’s
technically a kid’s apron but tasty don’t come after me you can feel like
Elsa while you’re cooking I just think that’s hilarious
this is a throw blanket that looks like carpet from Aladdin I just think this is
great okay so I keep seeing this next thing here this little hat from box
lunch with the little tangled Lantern on it I keep seeing it at box lunch and I
haven’t purchased it and I’m probably gonna wind up with it at some point but
guys from box let’s it’s got a little tangled Lantern and anything that goes
with it with the Rapunzel Disney bound you know
it should probably be on this list ah another thing that I saw at EDD box
lunch the other day I could a box lunch way too much apparently they have
dinglehopper makeup brushes another thing from box lunch okay I’ve got a lot
of things from box lunch here I’ll ours fly bag it’s Mulan but it’s got a little
cricket in it it’s so cute you guys know I love Mulan I ranked her number one in
my ranking with Disney Princesses it’s so cute
I just realized there were a couple other things that I have here that I
meant to pull out on the things I have here list that I did not so we’re so
this you might be like what does this have to do with Disney this is a perk
hopper bag from Harvey’s Harvey’s has a whole bunch of Disney bags this one’s
like kind of a Disney bag it’s called the park hopper bag and it’s like
interchangeable you can make it either like a shoulder bag or a mini backpack
and it’s great for carrying things at the parks I love this isn’t it actually
become my go-to bag but they’re really really quality they’re super durable I
don’t know what this fabric is reminds me of seatbelts and they also have
special little Christmas wands like this it looks like a Mickey Mouse
mint and they have tons of stuff that’s inspired by both Disney and Star Wars
okay the next thing on my list it’s kind of a few things but custom ears from
Hannah Murray magic and I know the ones I’m pulling out are tangled themed again
but I get so many questions about these years every time I go to Disneyland I
get stopped constantly oh my goodness where’d you get those ears especially I
love these I love them so much they’re really comfortable they’re super high
quality they just like the details on our perfect and they’re just so cute but
I’ll definitely link down below to all of Hannah Marie Magic stuff because
she’s so many cute Disney ears I have one more set of items for you guys
that’s in the jewelry vain basically everything from Rock Love and
especially their frozen 2 collection what am i absolute favorites that they
have this little ring and looks like Bruni and he’s crawling
on your finger and eventually I am going to need to acquire that because that is
a vacuous thing ever they need a version of Pascal like that. Definitely go check out everything from Rock Love as well the next thing is from a traction
earring trading company and look it’s the scream canisters from Monsters Inc
oh my at the bag this is genius it’s absolutely genius so cute
definitely I have this on my wish list cuz I think it’s so clever second to
last thing on the list is also something that I have but I’m not gonna go grab it
because it’s up really high I don’t know if I can reach it but it’s the Disney
Princess cookbook but it has a whole bunch of different recipes inspired by
Disney Princesses I made which actually brings me to the last one this is
something I just got so excited about It’s a Batuu cookbook full of all the stuff
at Galaxy’s Edge one of the things that most impressed me about galaxy’s edge is
the food is so good it’s not some of my favorite food
the parks now all the recipes you can do them like in your home I saw this at box
lunch the other day I think they also sell them on Amazon a hot topic lots of
other places so that’s my little bonus one for you especially since it’s from
the Disney parks I feel like we can wish it in the Disney Gift Guide even though
I usually do things Disney and Star Wars separately alright so you’ve made it to
the end so now you’re gonna find out how do you do the giveaway I’m gonna do a
giveaway my lagging so if you want to win a pair of my Rapunzel inspired
leggings all you have to do is comment down below which of the items on this
list was your favorite I will be randomly selecting someone and if you
want a bonus entry I’ll also throw in people who comment what their favorite
item was from this list on the know well picture on my Instagram oh I know those
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thank you guys so much for watching Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah happy
life day happy all the all the days and I will see you next time buh-bye it’s yerba mate tea ho-hoo-uh! itchy. I don’t know if you can my eyebrows are whatever this
thing’s you don’t discuss at work or it the library I guess they got here about
mati we need to clean this see my aesthetic I realized is actually like
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that’s my aesthetic and that was the messiest attempt at
drinking how’d I possibly get them with water in
my face now you can make Disney magic happen in your own breakfast kitchen in
your own breakfast kitchen I don’t know what a breakfast kitchen is as opposed
to the other kitchen yeah