2×2 RIB Knit Stitch Pattern

Hi, Guys, and Welcome to Studio Knit. Today’s knitting lesson is the two by two
rib stitch, also known as Ribbing. This is a great stitch for scarves, hats,
blankets, sweaters. Almost everything. It is really stretchy, and the right side
is the same as the wrong side when you turn it over. When casting on for the two by two 2×2 rib
stitch, it is best to Cast On in increments of four. So, in this example, I have 16 stitches.
The knitting techniques required for the Rib Stitch is simply knitting and purling. So,
go check out my Knitting Lessons Playlist if you need to brush up on those skills. So, let us get started. The 2×2 Ribbing is simply knitting two and
purling two. So, here we have knit one and knit two, and then we are going to do a purl
one right there and then and purl two. And we just carry on. Knit Two, Purl Two. K2,
P2. And getting near the end of the row, knitting
two and purling two, we just flip it over and we do the exact same thing. When knitting
any RIB stitch, after you turn your work, we will be purling the knits and knitting
the purls. This is why I like to do 2×2 Rib Stitch in increments of four, so after I turn
the work I do not have to think about it. I just continue on, knit knit purl purl on
the wrong side, exactly as I did on the right side. Again, please check out my Knitting Lesson
Playlist if you would like to brush up on your knitting and purling skills. I also have
some other great stitches in there as well. And if this video was helpful in learning
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