2019 Nashville Needlework Market Preview. Showing You EVERYTHING. #flosstube

hello everyone. welcome back to my
channel. my name is stephanie; my design name is Lindy stitches and this is my
Nashville needlework market preview video! get excited. so you are either one
of my faithful flosstube regular friends (about whom there is
nothing regular because they are the best tribe on the face of the planet).
friends please stick around! I need your moral support. Or you are a
shop owner planning on attending the needlework market. hi! we’ve never met
before. my name is Stephanie. I’ve been designing cross stitch pattern since the
beginning of 2015 and for a long time it has been my goal to be with you in
Nashville so I’m looking forward to meeting you. I’m looking forward to
seeing you see my designs for the first time. I’m a mother of three I live in
Indiana and I believe I have a unique voice in the designing world. I like to
mix up old and new. I like to take traditional sometimes ancient looking
fonts and motifs and give them a new voice with color, so my pieces are
usually whimsical sometimes they’re cute and quirky sometimes they are serious
but overall I think I got a good thing going for me and you can stop by my room
and see if you agree. but right now I’m going to show you all the new products I
plan to bring to Nashville. I am going to bring kind of most of my cannon because
you’ve never seen it before, but I have brand spanking new things for you and
for your customers that I think are going to appeal to a wide variety of
people that visit your shop. I am taking pre-orders. I forgot to say that so here’s me recording later and then, splicing it awkwardly
back into the video. pre-orders yes! email me. so without further ado I’m going to
show you my four new patterns, my kit that I created with Lois at lady dot
creates, and one other product I came up with and I think you’re gonna like. let’s
start with what I think is the cream of my crop, my favorite. it’s my Nashville
exclusive and it is called the Peacock Keeper.
I hope the title alone excites you. my fake flowers are dropping. perk it back
up. this is the Peacock Keeper and it is one fun little stitch. the text on it
reads “a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”
that is a Rohl Dahl quote from Charlie and the great glass elevator. although Gene Wilder does sing it in the
Willy Wonka movie. you all prefer the Gene Wilder version right? I love this
quote I think it’s so true and wonderful this is stitched on a
picture this plus jazz linen with a variety of overdyes, mostly gentle arts but
there are a few other brands in there. I think classic color works as well. a
really really fun stitch so this is the peacock keeper. he is a gentleman who
enjoys a little nonsense and is thereby very wise. also he doesn’t mind the fact
that two of his peacocks wanna wear neckties.
I hope you like this as much as I do. the peacock keeper by Lindy stitches. the second thing I’m going to show you
is my kit made with Lois that lady dot creates. unfortunately I don’t have the
model with me. Lois has it and she’s going to give it to me in Nashville. this
is a full kit for a pin cushion and you get everything you need. if you know how
Lois does kits, you know that she does she thinks of everything. so all the
stitcher will need to complete this project this pin cushion will be their
stuffing of choice, a little bit of sewing thread, and some DMC floss which
if you’re like me you have coming out your ears. this is the sweetest little
project. it is Penelope’s Posies and we have a limited amount of these kits. you
get the even weave, the ribbon, you get fusible interfacing, you get the backing
fabric…I’m pointing to the back of the paper as if that makes any sense. you get
the ribbon, you get the charm, you get these pins, which Lois hand glued herself
a trillion pins together. these are the sweet little kits you ever did see. if
you’re interested in having some of these for your shop, like I said they’re
limited so you’re going to need to pre-order them by emailing Lois. I will
put her email down below or on the screen or on my face.
Penelope’s Posies. after we sell out of the kit
there will be no restocking it but we will be selling the pattern. I’m really
excited about this project. the third thing I have to show you it’s called A
Mother’s Heart. Mother’s Day is coming up, although this would be a perfect gift
for any mother at any time in my humble opinion. here’s what it looks like. it’s
called A Mother’s Heart. it says “a mother’s heart is black and blue bruised
from loving ever true” I wrote that little thing myself. so this
piece is a little bit sad I’ll admit. however is 110 percent true.
the longer I experience motherhood which I’ve been a mother for 14 and a half
years now. those teen years. I’m really learning more and more every year how
much my mother did for me. motherhood is wonderful but it’s also it
can be hard and painful and I’m seeing that and appreciating that more and more
about my mom. I’ll just say right here I love you mom and I thought about you
while I stitched this. thank you. I’m getting emotional. I wanted to do a heart
finish. I wanted to make a big pillow and so I did stitch this on 32 count picture
this plus arctic. however you could stitch this over one or on a smaller
count and it would be this sweet little little pillow. these motifs kind of
Quaker bruises are stitched with a beautiful gentle arts thread that is
really dark purple and dark blue. really lovely and then these
flowers are in DMC. the finishing instructions are included with this
project and a heart template so if you stitch it on the same count I did you
can just use the template and then a different how you could just
enlarge it or shrink it as needed. I finished it with his beautiful black
pepper Velveteen by lady dot and then her rayon ribbon. I just wanted to leave
tails because I thought they looked nice really beautiful. A Mother’s Heart by
Lindy stitches. I hope you like it I know it’s a tinge sad but um it’s heartfelt.
I’ll just be totally cheesy and say it is completely heartfelt. okay so peacock keeper, Penelope’s posies,
A Mother’s Heart. now I’m going to show you Bunny Lace Trio. this is a trio of
smalls. I was intrigued by lace patterns and I really love white stitching and so
I gave birth to some bunnies. so this pattern includes these three smalls.
these are stitched on vintage country mocha Linen and I wanted to make use of
those beautiful crazy variegated flosses by classic color works. they have some
really beautiful spring spring color flosses that go from purple… like this one
goes from purple to orange to pink. this one goes yellow orange pink. and this one
goes blue green. as a designer is hard to figure out how to use those those flosses
that go that leap the color spectrum so I just use them into pinstripes and then
the lady dot trims make the colors pop out, so this one was finished as a
pincushion, this one is a flat fold, all the tails are in whisper so they are
nice and puffy really cute and this one as a pillow, really fun really fun spring stitches,
Bunny Lace Trio. I’m sad that we’re getting closer to the end. this one is
called Except Grandma’s and it says there is no place like home
except grandmas because it’s true. in fact my children would argue that
grandmas is better than home but that doesn’t make a nice saying. maybe next
year! this is stitched on just some ivory
linen with mostly weeks dye works flosses in melon and these beautiful greens.
this is just a quirky fun project this frame is from Signed and Numbered on Etsy
and there’s a coupon code in my pattern where your customers can order this
frame. I love this green definitely wouldn’t necessarily have to end up in
this bright green frame but I just thought this was really sweet and it
looks like something that will be hanging in a grandma’s kitchen. I don’t
know. a cool grandma’s kitchen for sure. okay those are all my patterns. the last
thing I have to show you are just some sets of sticker plates I know other
people have done this but I I like stickers too so I’m selling these sets
of ten sticker plates. these are basically just stickers that your
customers can use on the back of their pieces to write down the important
details. so you have the title, stitched by, the date, and then special notes. I put
the special notes instead of you know floss and fabric because some people
just frankly they don’t care to record those special details so I thought
special notes might that would include those details if you want. if you want to
dedicate the piece to someone or say why you stitched it that would be a great
section too. so there are a nice neutral light tan color and you just take a
ballpoint pen, you take off the back of the sticker, and you stick it on…. not that
you needed instructions. so those are the new products that I am bringing to
market. however if you stop by my room you will also see all my other wonderful
models such as these if you need another reason to stop by my
room I do have a free pattern— a pin cushion with a beautiful jane austen
quote and you are allowed to take a copy and copy it for all of your customers,
neighbors, friends, and relations. so please stop by my room. did I say stop by
my room? I hope that I will have a little squeak of your time to chat with you,
meet with you. Flosstube friends, you know I don’t ask you to do things very often,
but if you could I would love it love love it if you would forward this video
to your shop owner or just email them and say hey, I would like that product
from Lindy stitches. I think it’s cool. I would so appreciate it I need all the
nudges I can get because I am new. I need your help and so if you’re
interested in anything that I’ve shown you today,
would you please email, call, phone, fax, or carrier pigeon your shop owner and let
them know what you’re interested in? I would so appreciate it! thank you for
hanging out with me. let’s have a great market. let’s make it better than summer